Tuesday, July 3, 2018

DBA Special: IV/75 Timurid ... 1360 - 1506 (15mm)

(Phil's DBA Timurid army as used at Bakewell)

I have very muched followed tradition in the look of this army ... it is quite decorative and I think much of the inspiration for reconstructions comes from contemporary illuminations and ceramics.  So perhaps fancifully ornate?   Nice for collectors, anyway ... and a useful sort of army for players ...

It is mostly a cavalry army:

A general plus 5 Timurid armoured horse archers ...

(the rear corners are clipped as an unobtrusive way of clarifying the general's element)

The figures are mostly a mix of Essex and Museum (for the cavalry) and (for the infantry) the old Tabletop Miniatures range (now 15mm.co.uk) ... plus (to keep figure fanciers on their toes) some bits from Minifigs, Irregular and Gladiator.

... and ...

Ther's a smattering of foots option that gives you some variability ... I always like a couple of bowmen, so my choice was ...

... and ...

It is 'Steppe', aggression 4 (so you mostly invade other countries - which seems fine ... ) ...

(please click the images for a larger picture)

Monday, July 2, 2018

16th June, Bakewell

The Society of Ancients UK DBA League 2018: The Midlands DBA Open
Or ... Timur and the lads go to Derbyshire ... 

I was very pleased to complete the Timurids for this tournament.  I have various bits of Turkish/Arab/Nomad troops loosely allocated to such a project for years - actually I think originally it was an Armati project.  So a jumbled box of unpainted figures with a mental note saying 'Timurid'.

(2018 Midlands Open ... Simon and David C man the command desk)

... and they did OK so no lame jokes.

(the DBA army of Timur Lenk - or Tamburlaine as we said at school)

It's a 'medium power' army, reliant on 6 cavalry elements (5 + Gen) ... it's 'special' tweak is that it can have an elephant.

The elephant seems to die in most battles - ity's real value being that it sucks in a lot of enemy focus ... they're all bothering about the beast while your cavalry set them up and kill things.

Sometimes it works.  Here are my 6 games:-

The first two games were random vs players you had not played before ... thereafter 'Swiss Chess'. 

Apologies for the poor picture of the Rajputs game.  Not sure what happened there (but I included the photo for completeness.  Paul M's Hindu Rajputs are a splendid army and doubtless will feature on the DBA Yahoo site so give them a visit.

I did just a bit better than average.  I won things like this:-

(do or die vs Patrick's Lydians)

So the Lydian Kn Gen is overlapped and reared ... my Cv Gen is not overlapped but has an enemy in edge contact (4 v 3 to me but neither of us can recoil)

We both did our best ... 6 plays 6!  So the Lydian Gen goes down and the Timurids take the game.  Well, as an idea, it worked ...

Here's some scores ... 
1 Arnaud Marmier (Tamil), 2 Martin Smiith (Tamil),  3 Tony Green (Lydian), 3 Martin Myers (New Kingdom Egyptian), 5 Scott Russell (Late Tang), 6= Craig Allen (Ariarathid Kappadokian) and Phil Johnson (Palmyran), 8 Colin O'Shea (Zanj Revolt), 9= Paul Murgatroyd (Hindu Indian) and Tamara Fordham (Italian Condotta) ... that's the top of the table (well done Tamara, on breaking into the top ten!) 

The rest of us followed  ... Phil Steele (Timurid), Richard Pulley (Palmyran), Patrick Myers (Lydian), Graham Fordham (Early Achaemenid Persian), Mark Skelton (Wu), Keith Murphy (Italiot), Tim Kohler (Late Achaemenid Persian), Philip Donald (Late Roman) Keith Brown (Mongol Conquest), Simon Wilson (Early Polish), Reese Bettison (Later Carthaginian), Baldie Storey (Ancient British), Dale Needham (Norman), Tim Rogers (Alexandrian Macedonian), Rob Rush (Hatra), Nick Wright-Carter (Post-Monol Samurai), Tris Gale (Marian Roman) and Andy Wheeldon (Norman).

A splendid 28 players in all.

(well done Arnaud and his Tamils!)

For those of you fascinated by such stuff ...  there were 2 each of the Tamils, Lydians and Palmyrans ... the Tamils coming first and second, with one of the Lydians in third.

But otherwise it was a wide spread of army selections.  Everything from Chinese to Ancient Brits.

In addition to a prize for the winner, Simon made an award for the highest scoring 'weaker' army (based on a ratio of the scores you got to the total fighting factors of the army you selected) - Craig won that with his Kappadokians - and an award to the newcomers who gamely toughed it out with those of us who have been round the block more times than we can remember.  Well done to all of them.

And here we all are (thanks to Alison who assumed camera duties) ...

I will do a feature on the Timurids in a few days.

Excellent day out, Simon .. great event!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

20th May, Newark

Back at the Newark Showground after what is a very short break for Partizan.

Here we add the Lance and Longbow Society and Battlefields Trust to the mix and comprise a fair chunk of the History Zone.

(the Society of Ancients at Partizan 2018)

As the 1960s flats had not been to Newark before (and proved such a rich talking point at Campaign) we took along the same set up to Partizan ... albeit with some improvements and variations.

(original flats by Phil Barker from Phil's 1960s collection) 

We had all the kit there on the Northampton Battlefields Society side of the zone ...

... and the Northampton 1460 participation game ...

We were joined by the Newark Civil War Centre and by Tony Pollard's Waterloo Uncovered/Waterloo Replayed project (on which I am the Battlefields Trust link) - it all does hang together sometimes ...

(the little acorn from which a record breaking number of figures will emerge)

(Partizan 2018 ... working, networking and putting helmets on children - again!)

All that - and there was a wargames show too ... 

There were some nice Civil War games ... here, Simon Miller's For King And Parliament (a development of his popular card-driven ancients game To The strongest) ...

... available to play in 10 or 28mm!

(Partizan 2018 - Wargame Developments)

... and around the show ...

(a very convincing woodland glade on the Perry's 18th Century table)

And I've never been shy about my soft spot for armoured trains ...

... or old planes (same game)

... and a gratuitous piece of scenery ...

Meanwhile here's our old friends at Burton and District adding another ECW contribution ...

The game was FoG-R ... a good and very popular set of rules that handles 'Pike and Shot' very well - but doesn't get seen that often at shows (or indeed in 28mm) - so a big thumbs up for that.

A great show ... although there was so much in the wink of an eye it was over.   

Thanks to everyone involved.

Next we will be on the move to Derbyshire to play DBA in Bakewell.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

DBA Special ... II/49 Marian Roman (10mm)

As promised, here is a standard 12 element army from the Pharsalus game - and as used in the last set of general games ...

The legionaries are nearly all from New Line Design but the figures are otherwise a mix of A.I.M, Magister Militum and Pendraken.

(Gallic, Spanish, Macedonian, Greek or similar auxiliary cavalry (Cv) or javelin throwing) Numidian, German, Illyrian or similar Light Horse (LH)

(10mm Legionaries from Newline.  Yes I do like these figures)

(Numidian elephant, wild Gauls, cavalry or requisitioned city bolt-shooters)

Monday, May 28, 2018

2018 so far - some more DBA

No update on what's going on round here would be complete without the local DBA games that we use to keep our ancients collection in use and fill in the odd Monday night.

We have DBA armies in most scales but usually play either in 15mm or 1:72 ...  but I do like the slightly more 'proper battle' look of 10mm (on standard 40 wide bases) ...

Here's a typical evening from a week or so ago ...

Game 1 ... 

My Goths took on Treb's Byzantines ... both 15mm armies had been stood down for a while so it was good to get them fighting.  I think Belisaruius was a bit slow to come up from reserve.  It didn't go well.

Game 2 ...

Treb's  15mm Burmese and Khmer ... this was the start of our conversation.  I recently played with and lost with Burmese at the Northern Cup.  I got the Khmer this time.  The Burmese still lost.

Spectacular Irregular figures ...

Game 3: Roman Civil War

This is my 10mm Pharsalus set respun as a 'by the book' 12v12 DBA table.

Treb rolled a 1 as defender so the plough he assumed would be irrelevant wasn't.

(10mm DBA ... Marian Roman)

I thought I had this one as Caesar ... Pompey let the muddy ploughed slow his flanks so ended up with is centre over-exposed (or so I thought).  I felt ready to pounce.

But, notwithstanding some early successes, I struggled to make real capital out of the advantages (DBA can be like that) and eventually Treb got into a winning position ...

(Legionary slogging action)

It was a good game.  romans are hard to beat ... even with Romans.

See what I mean about the extra sense of mass 10mm can get you ... 

Also out and about recently ...


(Pre Feudal Scots) 

(Medieval Germans) 

All 15mm armies.

We usually collect armies in battle related pairs.