DBA Armies

PHIL's DBA ARMIES (in chronological list order)

Book I/3 Nubian 


Book I/7a Early Libyan 15mm


Book 1/7b  Early Libyan (although mostly Nubian figures - 30mm flats)

Book I/22a New Kingdom Egyptian (30mm flats)

Book II/5c Later Hoplite Greek (Theban)

Book II/23a Later Pre-Islamic Arab (Nomad)

Book II/25 Bosporan


Book II/30a and b Galatian

Book II/32a Later Carthaginian (10mm)

Book II/33 Polybian Roman (10mm)

Book II/45c Slave Revolt: Spartacus in Southern Italy

Book II/49 Marian Roman (10mm)

Book II/49 Marian Roman (15mm)

Book II/55b Nobades

Book II/56 Early imperial Roman

Book II/62  Abyssinian and Horn of Africa (Axumite)

Book II/81c Sub Roman British

Book III/2 Early Lombard


Book III/24a Middle Anglo Saxon


Book III/35c Feudal Spanish

III/40b Norse Viking

III/45 Pre-Feudal Scottish

Book III/65 Nikephorian Byzantine


Book IV/13d Medieval German

Book IV/75 Timurid

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