Monday, December 17, 2018

DBA Special: II/56 Early imperial Roman

This was the army I selected to use for the 2018 Tarrington (scramble) event ... quite a good combination (so a fair go for the players who might end up paying it) but the command and control issues of an allied contingent.  Here it is in that configuration:

Surrounded by his entourage ... but he's on a 40x30 base so he's a Cv general!.

(as for most of the army, the cavalry and legionaries are from the evergreen Chariot Miniatures 15mm range)


The Armenian general is a cataphract and is compulsory.  Horse archers tie with javelinmen as the most numerous type on the Armenian list so I have taken a horse archer.  The third (choice) element is another cataphract.

The cataphracts were originally made up for Armati so are 3-to-a-base ... I've never rebased them but they are obviously cataphract/4Kn types ...

There's a mix of riders there, mostly on Donnington armoured horses.  Menacing.


This is a composite and I will probably play around with the interior.  The idea is that they are putting up the rampart.  The stakes are upcycled Baueda ones ...  The base is a steel shim and the components are magnetised (so it all holds together in play) ...

The CF element is Pass O the North Romans ... I didn't like the original massive heads, so replaced them with matching Chariot ones.  They are obviously worried about coming under attack as they are digging with their helmets on (!) ...  Well, it works for me.

DBA Special: II /32a Later Carthaginian (10mm)

This is a single army version of the troops from the Zama scenario.  They are mostly the excellent 'Armies in Miniature' figures I bought from Chariot Miniatures years ago.

Barker Marker 

I have used a portion of stockade as a camp for Mago's Carthaginians in it there is a Barker Marker (40x40 template for checking threat zones etc) featuring an officer of priest sacrificing a goat ... Omens of one sort or another had a part to play in many narratives of the wars between Rome and Carthage.

This Army 'pairs' with Polybian Roman

Sunday, December 2, 2018

DBA Special ... III/2 Early Lombard

This is the army I used in a pair with Maurikian Byzantines at Bakewell (where it did very well), and as a standard entry at the DBA English Open in Portsmouth a week later.

It is 15mm of course.  The foot are quite a mix.  The mounted combine Lurkio (the most numerous) with Chariot and those splendid Ochmann sculpted Goths*

The army comes from the ducal period of Lombard expansion in Italy and Faroald was a constant thorn in Byzantium's side.  The element uses all Lurkio figures.

The army has a lot of knights ... a general plus 8 more, half of which can choose at deployment to dismount as warband (all or none) ... so is superflexible too ...

I have to confess to getting the slashes (all or none) wrong at Bakewell - but it was consistent for both players and didn't win anything (so hopefully no harm done and all fixed now)

(the raider with captives is an Essex piece - the only one in the army)

And just in case you need a BUA ...

*originally, Metal Magic, then Gladiator, subsequently at Black Hat (but now, I'm given to understand available from Fighting 15s) ... Lovely figures and always worth a look.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

28th October, Portsmouth

A week later and it was down to Portsmouth for the final round of this year's UK DBA League ...

The English DBA Open

Let's get on with the games ... I took the Early Lombard half of my new pair of armies blooded at Bakewell ...

As in previous years, four games were played within a pool (with your own armies) to promote four players into a semi-final/final run off using preset armies ... and the rest of us (mostly) then support a 'plate' competition.

Here are my pool games ...

(Early Lombard vs Maurikian Byzantine!  Who'd have thought it?)

(Early Lombard vs Indian)

(Early Lombard vs Tuareg)

(Early Lombard vs Imperial Roman)

I made it to the Plate competition, where I lasted one round!

... I was knocked out by the eventual winner ... Meanwhile the top players played their finals ...

Which Arnaud won, reshuffling the pack for the League positions also.  This one did (all) come down to the final round!  Well done to all the players in a tightly fought season.