Friday, March 28, 2008


Here are some photos and details of the winners from this year's DBA Northern Cup. The caption neglects to mention that the SoA team was made up of Paul, Tony and myself, taking turns to play, and that the honourable general so soundly walloped in the final round was .. well .. I could hardly be expected to let us win a prize ourselves, could I? Nevertheless, my intentions would have been irrelevant ... I was out-thought, outplayed and only the dice could have saved me. Aislinn very kindly acknowledged how poor my dice rolls had been. But, no - it wasn't down to that: a worthy champion had rounded off an impressive series of games. Thanks to everyone who participated: a friendly group of players, and an excellent job done by Paul and Tony ... Look out for this next year... Between games, there's an excellent show to visit, too.

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