Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bletchley, earlier this year, in April

A Look Back at the 2009 Battle Day - Callinicum ... I was going to paste these photos into the 'Good Start' collection of pictures from earlier in the year - but they demanded to get a posting of their own. Many thanks to all the teams who took so much trouble with this year's challenge. Eastern Romans against Sassanid Persians on the front line at Callinicum.
A sunny Spring day, Sycamore Hall, Bletchley ... and a wonderfully presented series of games from all the best known authors ...
And an excellent and informative introduction by Roy Boss - which I think helped us all better understand what this battle is all about ...
(Mark Gilby and Graham Fordham set up Romans in the FoG game.)
(Command and Colours attractively presented as a figure game)
(Martin Simpson gave RFCM's Conquerors and Kings a rare outing. The little star shapes mark out the board's grid pattern)
(newcomers and old favourites)(and topping the terrain awards again, Mark Craddock's innovative flowing foam Armati table)

(decisive moments on the Armati table)

And finally everyone got together at the end

Zama next year, folks!

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