Thursday, June 24, 2010

St Helens, 19th June

PhalanxA well timed 'strategic' trip up? We nipped up the M6 on Friday night during the England game. Courtesy of Radio 5 we didn't miss a thing, and the roads were empty enough that we caught the last rites on TV in Salford ...

Thanks to the warm hospitality of Steve Ayers and the Gentlemen Pensioners, Phalanx is as much a weekend event as a wargames show - a combined effort between Lance & Longbow, ourselves and the Pike & Shot Society, followed by a big old-fashioned wargame on the Sunday.

The justification, of course, is the St Helens show, warm, welcoming and friendly. Following an established tradition, the Society attraction here is Martin Charlesworth and the Crosby crew's DBA participation table - and an annual opportunity to catch up with Martin, former Society Officers Jim McDowall and Phil Halewood, and Tony 'Gildas' Hughes who did so much work for the Society on printing and production in years past.

(Martin entertains the visitors)

It's always great to see everyone.

With Martin and co, energetically manning the game, I got a chance to wander round the show, have a chat with Martin Stephenson about the new 15mm Italian figure releases, show Stephen Oates the painted up results of the 10mm samples he passed me at Triples - and generally browse the new and old attractions of the show.
(10mm Baggage Train Sarmatians)
Some good and inspiring stuff. Good to see the East Lancs group using their own rules rather than feeling obliged to follow one flock or another.

Even though it's a standard style these days, and given I'm not that keen on decals for shield designs, I thought the Romans from the hill fort game were particularly photogenic.

(Those Romans from the Furness club's hill fort game)

Great show and very friendly.

Of course, my weekend would not have been complete without the big game on Sunday. This year,
as a result of some last minute force majeur, we were back in the Sudan. Even though this is a blog about Society of Ancients show outings, I'm sure you will want to see a collage from the Nile.

Sword and Flame rules. Old School 25/28 figure mix. Simple presentation combined with good company. Much though it pains me, as a British Lancer officer, to admit it, the Dervishes just about shaded it.

Looking forward to next year already!

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