Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newark, 5th September

The Other Partizan
After seven weekends on the road, we had a welcome little late summer break before Newark Irregulars' Autumn show, The Other Partizan ... a generally quieter reprise of the Spring event.

We got there in good time, of course - in time to see Dav
e Lanchester not set up and wondering how to pitch the Lance & Longbow Society table in our combined Societies pitch :O) For the Society, we were making a return to this year's showgame, Greyhounds in the Slips, now deployed on its dedicated fold-out board (pasting table) ... but awaiting some booster sections to the walls to give the whole thing a bit more (crowd-pleasing height).

I suspect these booster sections will meet the public at Derby and SELWG next month. Roll up and play.

(Some smartly turned out Romans in Phil Hendry's desert game)

There were quite a few attractive games on display - as ever with a Kelham Hall event - but mostly be played amongst their own exhibitor teams (this tending to be a show where people show up, chat and shop - then go home early rather than stay and play).
(the Harfleur crossbowman looks down on the English)

Nevertheless, as ever, GitS had a few takers, and got some enthusiastic feedback, we took a few memberships and distributed plenty of free sample Slingshots. A good day's response for a quieter midlands show.
the number of ancients games in action seems less now than earlier in the year, though the presentation standards of many were exemplary.

(click on the picture for a closer look)

I also got to have a browse around ... the Perry's were doing a Black Powder in the Sudan game, Martin at Peter Pig was demoing Washington's Army, and WD Display Team North were giving a last outing to 'The End' (and I finally got a game).

I got to chat to Jervis Johnson amongst others, and had a good go at encouraging him to come along to the Society of Ancients BattleDay next year ... it is Kadesh, and I am very hopeful we might have some exciting new things in the mix ...

Thanks to everyone for their help as usual, and thanks to the players for joining in.

Colours next, where you can join in with a demonstration of Lost Battles with aut
hor Phil Sabin on the Saturday, or try out FoG in a Wars of the Roses scenario with Society Secretary David Edwards on the Sunday. I'll be running the stand.

Greyhounds in the Slips returns at Derby and SELWG ... twinning with the Elephant Game (TEITR) at Derby. Unmissable.

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