Monday, March 21, 2011

Wolverhampton 13th March

WMMS 2011

A busy weekend, this one.

As sometimes happens with the moving feast of Spring Wargames shows, the Shows North team was double-booked (and I was attending the SoA sponsored Armati event down in Bournemouth).

Now I don't want anyone to feel I was being disloyal to my 'North and Midlands' brief, here ... truth is, with the events not clashing last year, I attended Armati by the Sea last year ... and, fortuitously, won.

You will appreciate two things here ... it would be bad form not to go back and defend my title ... and it doesn't happen very often (so any precedent set is likely to be pretty innocuous ...).

Thankfully, I was able to leave WMMS in the capable hands of Graham ('Fluttering Flags') Fordham and Chris Perry. Thanks guys ...

Graham took along the usual Society of Ancients gear, plus a DBA version of the battle of Barnet using his decorative 28mm Wars of the Roses collection.

(heraldic banners and pennons by Graham Fordham's 'Fluttering Flags')

We'll be seeing quite a lot of the Wars of the Roses this year, I think. 550 years ago, on Palm Sunday, the bloodiest battle on English soil was fought on the snowy fields of Towton in North Yorkshire.

I understand there was a suitably chilly display at Alumwell which I hope I will catch up with during the course of the Shows season.

Thanks Alumwell. Hopefully no clashes next year, and we'll have a full team and a new project to unveil ...

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