Saturday, July 23, 2011

16th -17th July, Northamptonshire

Festival of History

Festival of History is English Heritage's annual historical and reenactment event hosted at Kelmarsh Hall just a few miles away from the battlefield of Naseby.

The emphasis is strongly military, and there is always a lot for the ancient and medieval enthusiast to enjoy.

Attending the event as part of the Battlefields Trust team, I could only see a fraction during my breaks (and so missed the much praised Bosworth presentations) ... nevertheless, I caught some interesting Crusades stuff and managed a bit of SoA recruiting.

I'm a wargamer, but I can multitask ....

(Gladiators prepare for the arena)

(The Normans arrive)

(scenes from Outremer)

There were also plenty of armourers able to furnish equipment - like these gleaming Romano-Celtic helmets

In the Wargames tent, Phoenix Club and Warlord Games provided a choice of games including this Hail Caesar attack on the Roman baggage romp.

Plenty of youngsters getting involved here - even during the sunny spells.

For pictures of the 20th Century features, have a look at my P.B.Eye-Candy blog over on wordpress.

(click on the picture)

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