Wednesday, August 31, 2011

21st August, Norwich

Apologies to those of you who got the garbled first version of the Britcon update (no idea why Blogger doesn't work properly in Firefox at this time of year - but I had the same problems in 2010, that's for sure). There was quite a lengthy excursus advising Nobby how best to develop Britcon, too ... very useful, but not necessarily 'core' interest :)

So to bring Ancients on the Move fully up-to-date, this entry will show you what Eastern Front was like ... a great little show in East Anglia.

You really ought to mark it in your diaries for next year. Excellent venue, friendly people ... even a sunny day! And nowhere near as far as internet routeplanners would have you believe (they allow for the traffic problems you are unlikely to encounter on a Sunday morning): ignore the timing, look more to the mileage as your guide.

Lenghty intro? OK - I'll load up the pictures ....
(not your average village hall ... 'well lit, with a big window' ...)

(a choice of games on the stand with a DBA theme)

(some punters playing 'Britannia's Eastern Front': DBA Sub Roman British block a English raid in East Anglia)

(Tony and Phil man the stand while I go off on my photo break)

(that boat load of English ... 'Saxons' in DBA speak, but out East here, they would be Angles - 'Aengelfolk')

(the Romano-British foot making up the bulk of Arthur's army)

(this tank game looked great fun and kept loads of youngsters entertained)

(I was really impressed with this huge 10mm Bull Run ACW game: a bit big for my tastes, but a great sense of place)

(Yep: seriously, those are 10mm figures - click on the picture for a proper sized image and enjoy the craftsmanship)

Great, wasn't it?

Thanks to Kim at Monarch Books for hosting the event, and thanks for those of you who stopped by to make us feel welcome.

Thanks to Tony and Phil for helping with the stand (really valued as I would have been on my own for this one otherwise). Canvassing for views at the show, several locals indicated that they would be interested in the DBA mini-event we didn't quite get off the ground this year ...

Watch this space.

Come see us at Partizan and the SoA Doubles over the weekend ...

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