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19th - 20th November, Reading (Rivermead)

Later November sees the ever popular 2-day Reading show, Warfare - a matchless mix of games, trade and tournament tables and Bring & Buy.

It is a successful mix - why, even I bought something on the Bring & Buy!

My 'tour of duty' on the Society stand was on Sunday, but Philip Sabin has sent some photos of his Pydna game which was the Society's contribution to day one's showcase.

(players cluster round the Society's Pydna game on Saturday)
Perseus of Macedon's fateful showdown with the Roman Republic under the command of Aemilius Paullus (son of the Aemilius Paullus who fought Hannibal at Cannae) ...

(photo coutresy of Philip Sabin)
I understand a number of the Society's 2012 Committee got together in the evening and chewed over their ideas for next year ... I'm sure you will want to give them as much support as I do. What better an occasion to get the ball rolling.
(See who's on the new Committee )

(some colourful Arab infantry from Sunday's game)
On Sunday David Edwards took over the table and presented a Byzantine Wars try-out table sampling Field of Glory and some colourful 28mm Byzantines and Turks.

(click on the image if you would like a bigger view)

(the Varangians attack: Field of Glory Participation Game at Warfare 2011 by The Society of Ancients)
Elsewhere there were other ancients games on display ... It was very nice to see the Malvern group with another of their 28mm Armati games. A nice big table and lots of kit - tis time on an El Cid theme. See, it isn't all just 15mm ...

(The Age of El Cid: 28mm Armati Demonstration Game)

Very much the ancients family, though not an ancients game, I was quite taken with the First Battle of Newbury, put on by some WAR members. First time I've really seen FoG-R done as a presentation game, and great to see the battle through the enclosures.

(15mm English Civil War: Field of Glory Renaissance)

More pictures here ( ECW Battles )

I'm told some of the inspiration came from a Battlefield Walk with Chris Scott.

You can link to the Battlefields Trust ( here )

Keeping us in touch with the forthcoming Plataea theme, there was an interesting 28mm Clash of Empires encounter between Greeks and Persians.

(Clash of Empires Persian Wars)

(28mm Persian Sparabara infantry)

(28mm Spartan Hoplites ready themselves for action)
Although they didn't tag it with any specific incident, the good looking layout and rolling engagements reminded me of the Plataea scenario.

There was the usual choice of games outside our period, many of which looked very attractive ...

(28mm Japanese troops in the Jungle)

The Skirmish Wargames Society won the top award for their Napoleonic game.

(award-winning 54mm Napoleonics from the SWS game)
A very nice day out, and special thanks to the Malvern club, the Clash of Empires enthusiasts and the Battle of Newbury presenters for taking the trouble to explain their games and ideas to me. Nice games - approachable, enthusiastic people.

Some people started to pack up early on the Sunday - but I understand Saturday had been very busy and it had been a long weekend

The show raised just over £900 for the RNLI and £550 for Help for Heroes ...

(6mm Cambrai display. We will remember them)
On the latter topic, there was very clean 6mm Cambrai game - my Grandfather was there in one of those tanks ... a RTR original who thankfully made it through the war otherwise I wouldn't be here to enjoy the peace and freedom so many laid down their lives for.
Thanks to everybody who contributed to a great show.

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