Friday, February 17, 2012

DBA Special - Egyptian Double Feature

Here's a quick look at the two armies featured in our DBA Participation Game 'Lords of the Nile' ...

They constitute the first delivery phase of my refurbishment of the flats collection I acquired at Fiasco last year. The presentation is to what I would call 'wargames standard' rather than flats collector standard: (a) I'm working with an existing collection, rather than painting from scratch; (b) a few experiments revealed that the aesthetics differ between figures destined to be viewed flat and individually and those destined to be viewed en-masse on multiple bases.

The basing is in the modern landscaped idiom (and to standard 25/28mm base sizes).

So these are the results so far (I am still learning). People seem to have liked the refreshingly different look of these traditional figures - and have enjoyed them as collector curios ...

The lead army is New Kingdom Egyptian, which I have cast on a punitive mission on the banks of the Nile. Their enemies I have styled 'Rebellious Tribes' as although the figures are mostly Nubian, I have chosen to organise the army using the Libyan list. The rationale is simple enough: using the Libyan list gives the rebels a chariot general! Otherwise there is little difference between the Libyan and Nubian lists.


(The Egyptian host arrayed)

(Chariot general + 3xLCh)

(archers: 4x4Bw)

(infantry: 3x3/4Bd + 1 Ps)


(The rebellious tribes arrayed)

(The Libyan Chariot General)

(Warriors: 3x3 Wb)

(archers: 3x3Bw)

(tribal skirmishers: 5xPs)

The armies follow the existing DBA V2.2 lists, although the games have been played using the latest trial version of V3. Victories have been even between the armies.

Lords of the Nile featured at Vapnartak and Hammerhead. The next shows outings will feature Phil Sabin's Lost Battles (Cavalier) and Will and Graham's Plataea (WMMS). Lords of the Nile will probably be back for Campaign in May ...


Caliban said...

It's good to see them in action, Phil. The lion accompanying the Libyan general is especially nice! Good luck with the rest of the project.


SoA Shows North said...

Thanks Paul ...

I am getting a few more of the vignette bits and pieces to make up encampments and scenic touches.

More to come in a while, I hope ...