Saturday, May 26, 2012

19th May, Sheffield

Northern DBA Cup

The Society of Ancients is proud to be a sponsor of the DBA Northern Cup which was held on Saturday at Triples.

The Society had a membership stand attached to the event, and had taken along our Lords of the Nile flats DBA (V3) try out game. 

This year's Cup followed the now tried and tested formula: the Lincoln organising team provides boards and armies for (in this case) 8 tables, which are drawn at random for each round.   The event of 5 rounds was played using the standard 2.2 version of DBA.

 (Galatians and Thebans)

The featured pairings were ... I/1c Early Sumerian vs I/1c Early Sumeria;  I/23b Vedic Indian vs I/60c Early Achaemenid;  II/5c Theban vs II/30a Galatian;  III/78 Early Russian vs IV/30 Teutonic Orders; IV/38 Granadine vs III/74 Fanatic Berber; III/35c Feudal Spanish vs IV/4b Feudal French; IV/28 Prussian vs IV/27 Estonian; IV/39b Navaresse vs IV/68a Medieval Spanish.

Some old favourites and some new challenges.

I was particularly taken with this year's snowy Baltic battlefields ...

 (Prussians and Estonians fight it out in the snow)

(Russian cavalry engage their Teutonic enemies in a classic Winter encounter)

There was a generous break for lunch so players could enjoy something of the wargames show, then final rounds followed in the afternoon.

In a close finish, Paul Hodson pipped Graham Fordham to take the title by 3 points, ensuring another new name goes on the trophy (which has never been won by the same player twice!).  Well done Paul.

(Medieval Spanish and Navarrese)

 1. Paul Hodson 37 points; 2. Graham Fordham 34 points; 3 Martin Smith 29 points; David Constable and Mark Johnson were 4th equal, followed by John Saunders, UK DBA Champion Colin O'Shea, Denis Grey, Scott Russell, Tom Whitehead, Geoff Bowker and Frank Shaw.

 (another new Champion)

Many thanks to Paul and Tony for all the effort that goes into these events (we hope they will be happy to repeat the formula), and to Triples for hosting the tournament.

A smoothly run and successful event - a great day out for all the players.

Next shows North outing: Partizan, Sunday 27th at Kelham Hall, Newark

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