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16th June, St Helens

Phalanx 2012

Seems like Phalanx is now the number one mid-year show in the North of England (almost the mid point between Vapnartak and Recon ...)..  and attendance this year seemd very healthy.

The Society of Ancients (Shows North) attended with Martin Charlesworth and friends doing his annual 'dirty DBA' challenge, and regulars Chris and Phil manning the shows stand.

 (Martin's 'Dirty DBA' in full swing)

We had plenty of visitors, and took some new subscriptions - welcome! - which, judging by the purchase of back issues, were genuine new recruits.   We had the May issue of the new look Slingshot on the stand which drew more favourable comment.

I can highly recommend this friendly regional show - a lot of useful trade stands and plenty of games; many of the well known Societies attend (though this year,  the Pike & Shot Society had to withdraw in the last week or so, sadly); although they struggle with the numbers (a show 'norm' unfortunately) the food is wholesome, friendly and cheap; there is a well supported Bring & Buy, and the parking is free.

That is a lot of boxes with ticks in them, I think.

 (some of the many hoplites at Amphipolis)

The main 'ancients' content was the DBA Challenge and Rob Broom's 'The Battle of Amphipolis' War & Conquest demonstration.

A highlight of the show, for me, was picking up a large bag of 54mm Irregular Miniatures Wars of the Roses figures.  These are for an upcoming 'Bosworth' DBA game following upon Mike Ingram's new book on the battle.   So I went along with a few demo bases - and came back with a project to configure, paint and deliver.

 (yes: 54mm - sneak preview of phil's new project at Phalanx)

The figures will be mostly Irregular with some of my plastics mixed in for variety.  The flags and banners will be by Fluttering Flags.   Mike is helping me organise my understanding of the battle, and the first showing will be on the Battlefields Trust stand at Kelmarsh Hall.   Thanks to all for their support.

 (round and about Phalanx 2012)

Elsewhere around Phalanx, the 'Late Medieval/early Modern' periods were well supported (the Lance & Longbow Society enjoying its usual good turn out, and Warlord's Pike and Shotte having stimulated much recent interest) ...

(Lance & Longbow Society: Ravenna)

Next to the Society, a very engaging Sci-Fi participation game (it has a blue Police Box that seemed to have turned up in the middle of nowhere ... any idea what that's all about? ...) ... attracted eager attention through most of the day and generally the games presenters seemed to be enjoying a warm response from visitors.

 (East Lancashire's '1588: the Armada has Landed)

Phalanx is always a great weekend, as, courtesy of a locally based host, we enjoy a 'Gentlemen Pensioners' reunion, with a big game on the Sunday, and usually the chance to try other games like some of my DBA scenarios, over the weekend.  This year, Roy had some success with the Lords of the Nile game we have been doing at some of the other shows.

 (just a flavour of the Gentlemen's weekend ...)..

The big Sunday game was a Germantown scenario from the War for America, which, after something of a foggy start, turned out well enough for the British and eventually doffed its cap to the historical script.

Next outings should be to COW and to the Stoke Challenge.  Not sure what's happening at Britcon this year, however.

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