Friday, July 6, 2012

30th June 2012, London

The London Toy Soldier Show 

There were no wargames shows (within my remit ...) at the weekend - so, needing a complete break, I went to the London Toy Soldier Show.

By sheer coincidence, the SoA had a Committee meeting that day and I was able to drop some items off with them and enjoy a couple of drinks ...

Then off to Bloomsbury.

The Toy Soldier Show is a bit like a trade and bring & buy combined, with no games or societies.   But it is full of 54mm figures, from the brand new (and very expensive) to boxes of used plastics which could be rummaged at 25p/figure.

(this display was clearly inspired by the Ad Hoc '19:42 from Benghazi' participation game)

I was there to find 54mm plastics to support the Irregular Miniatures figures for my Bosworth game.

(a useful handful of medieval figures)

And I also found some of these old Britains (HK made) plastics in the cheapies section ...

I also enjoyed a few hours of tourism - I was fascinated to see those hugte rings on Tower Bridge (so like half of London, it seemed, I went down for a look) ...

It was a very popular sunny afternoon with lots of entertainment and general promenading - looks like there's a big festival of sport coming to town!

Anyway, enough pics there to make it seem like I was taking the weekend off!

The Toy Soldier Show was a very different experience.  Useful and interesting and I picked up some bargains.   I did miss the games and bonusses you get at wargames events, however (just trade is no substitution!) ...

COW next - then the Festival of History.  Bosworth should be done by then.  Watch this space.


Fire at Will said...

lucky b****r

A show I've been tempted to attend for quite a while.

SoA Shows North said...

I have to admit there is less to do than at the kind of show we are familiar with, Will ...

Then again, 28mm hard plastic seems to have driven 54mm soft plastic out of the regular wargames show - so I was in 'hog heaven' for a while at the LTSS rummaging around for stuff I actually like.

Looking at the new and pre-painted stuff (otherwise not in my market) I confess that if I was a Russian oligarch, I'd wargame in 54mm with a cast of thousands! :)