Tuesday, June 16, 2015

13th and 14th June, Naseby, Northamptonshire ...

The Northampton Battlefields Society at Naseby 370.

NBS took a little medieval magic along to the Naseby 370 event over the weekend ... to promote interest in and understanding of Northamptonshire's other key battles (Northampton 1460 and Edgcote 1469).

We were also supporting the Magna Carta celebrations on Sunday at 3pm (the LiberTeas event) ... and visitors to the event were given a free cup of tea to celebrate the story of English rights and liberties.

(LiberTeas: 800 years of Magna Carta celebrated at Naseby 370)

It seemed peculiarly appropriate to be celebrating Magna Carta's anniversary on the battlefield where Parliament won its right to be part of the governance of the land.

In addition to the museums and artists, cake stalls and tea parties, the Phoenix Club presented a series of wargames with a 17th century theme ...

(wargames at Naseby 370)

The big game was played to a version of Pike and Shotte, and the participation game used an adaptation of Lion Rampant.

The exhibition zone was also supported by the Pike & Shot Society, Helion Books, The Battlefields Trust and David Lanchester's books.

On Sunday the exhibitors got an impromptu visit from the Naseby Project's patron, Earl Spencer who took a keen interest in the wargame exhibits, particularly the historic battlefields of his native Northamptonshire ...

(Painterman Simon explaining the Battle of Northampton to Earl Spencer at Naseby 370)

So we were able to demonstrate medieval battle, explain Northampton's part in the Wars of the Roses, as well as celebrate the anniversary of Magna Carta and see some of the 17th century stuff that was, of course, the weekend's main theme.

(Naseby 370 ... the big battle captured on my small camera)

Next outing as Shows North will be in a week's time at Phalanx supporting Martin C's DBA Challenge

For more picture from Naseby 370 see ECWBattles/Naseby 370

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