Saturday, March 26, 2016

19th March, Sheffield

Sheffield Triples and the DBA Northern Cup

Another excellent day out at the English Institute for Sport in the company of the Sheffield Wargames Society.  

A little less well attended this year, perhaps, as a result of being the third weekend in a row of wargame shows within 50 miles or so of Middle England - but very friendly and well supported by the trade.

The Lance & Longbow Society were there with an updated version of their Deepdale game ...

Wargame Developments were there with busy participation game of Roman Careers

There was a good selection of nicely presented display games ...

And we were there with a modest presence on the Saturday supporting the DBA Northern Cup sponsored by The Society of Ancients (and with the prize fund generously boosted by Magister Militum)

More on the DBA Cup below.

Here are a few pictures from the show - some of you missed it I know but a big advantage of a quieter show is that you get a chance to have a good look round, chat to the game presenters, shop without queuing etc.

I particularly liked the mix this year ...

A pity I didn't have more time to have a go at some of them ... 

DBA Northern Cup

This year there was a 'Rise of Rome' theme ... the organisers provided the boards, armies etc. and the players draw the scenario for their game at the start of each round.

This year's list comprised:
I/59 Tullian Roman 
I/57a Etruscan League 
II/10 Camillan Roman 
II/11 Gallic 
II/32a Later Carthaginian 
II/33 Polybian Roman 
II/51 Later Judean 
II/49 Marian Roman 
I/58 Meriotic Kushite 
II/56 Early Imperial Roman 
II/68a Pictish 
II/64a Middle Imperial Roman 
II/69b Sassanid Persian 
II/78b Late Imperial Roman 
II/82a Patrician Roman 
II/80 Hunnic 

The games turned out to be quite challenging and different ... I mostly drew the Roman side (which is not 'the usual' for me, so a good bit of variety) ...

My games were with ...

Early Imperial Romans

Later Carthaginian

Tullian Roman

Middle Imperial Roman

Patrician Roman

So that's a pretty good flavour of the ancient world ... and a good chunk of Romans (Tullian, early Imperial, Middle Imperial and Patrician) ...

Some nice terrain bits too ...

(A Roman watchtower camp - from The Baggage Train)

Congratulations to Martin, Phil and Scott, and to Tamara, our youngest player. ... This was the 11th year and the 11th winner - a testimony to the Cup's open and accessible style.  I slipped quietly into mid-table obscurity.

Apologies for the grainy picture - the light was in the wrong place ... but thanks to all the players for standing in line.  Hope to see you all next year.

Thanks to the Society for their support ... thanks to Paul, Tony and the Lincoln team for all the effort that goes into working out the scenarios and providing the boards and armies.

Thanks to Triples for hosting the event.

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