Thursday, September 28, 2017

4th September, Peterborough

Our main September show this year was Hereward in Peterborough.

We attended as Northampton Battlefields Society with the game and the kit and our publications.

Hereward is very much a traditional local show with plenty of time to chat, browse and sit down and play.  All very good.

Not much in the way of historical 'not 28' so not much to detain me and again not all my cash was needed (no need to fret though - pleny will be spent online ... ) ...

After a leisurely start we got quite few games played and some happy fellow enthusiasts equiped themselves to explore the battle of Northampton at home ...

Hereward had a very relaxed and friendly feel and attracted the whole family.  People enjoyed trying out the equipment and handling knightly weapons.


These  musket balls were found by a local metal detectorist.  They are 17th Century though, inevitably the location was not properly recorded ... the best we can say is '17th Century, Northamptonshire - thought to be Civil War, probably from Naseby' - useful handling exhibits.

 (17th Century Musket and Pistol balls: thought to be Civil War, probably from Naseby)

The standard of games around the show was very good.

Oppy Wood was amongst the best of them and won a prize ... an attractive and well though out display.

 (Hereward 2017: Oppy Wood game and historical display)

I keep promising to update you on the new supporting publications for Medieval enthusiasts.  Maybe the will be the next post.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel Wade continues to watch over us.  Ours for a year - presented by the Guild of Battlefield Guides for our work at Northampton Battlefield.  Previous winners include TV companies and the Belgian Tourist Office.  So good company to be in.

We have to give him back in January ... but at least he is much travelled with us.

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