Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Abingdon, 7th March


Whilst your regular blogger was down on the South Coast at the Society of Ancients sponsored Armati-by-the-Sea tournament, Robert Medcraft kindly flew the Society banner alongside his 600th anniversary reconstruction of the definitive battle on Crusader Europe's Eastern Front.


Here are some photos from the epic Field of Glory game.

(photos by Robert Medcraft, figures by Bob and by Ben Jones)


BigLee said...

Will this game be at other shows later in the year? I'm primarily thinking of Salute in April. If so I'll keep an eye out for it.

SoA Shows North said...

Hi Lee ...

I will ask Bob. I think this was it (Overlord was the public outing of a game first played experimentally last year..)..

However, we can hope (as I think it got a favourable response from visitors) ..

At Salute, the Society of Ancients will be doing a 'Lost Battles' participation game of the First Battle of Chaeronea moderated by author Philip Sabin (well worth joining in if you have an hour or so ...)..

If there is news of another outing for Tannenberg, I'll post it here ..