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Charnock Richard, 28th March

Northern Doubles/Warrior Bazaar...

I guess this should really be attached to my 'early year doubles events' post - but we can put it separately, as there is a show at Warrior Bazaar as well as a Doubles event ... and I was able to distribute some Society leaflets and Slingshot samples ... so we flew the flag a bit ...In truth, also, I suspect Warrior Bazaar is not that well known, so a brief report - amongst all these other show reports - might not go amiss. It is comparatively new, and at the moment seems not to be on everyone's 'must do' list.

The show is at a Hotel/Conference centre/Theme Park complex adjacent to the M6, and although such is the lack of signing, I got lost once I was in the complex (!), it was otherwise easy to find and quick to get to. It seemed to have limitless free parking, which is a blessing, given how many shows that statement does not apply to. My guess is there would be lots of room for the show to expand, should it need to.

At the moment it seemed to be a ballroom sized functions room, plus the foyer space which accommodated the dozen or so Northern League competition tables as well as the reenactors' display tables. Other than what picked up my flash, it will look pretty dark (which it was - it was a bright sunny morning, so the curtains were pulled to stop us being blinded). The local lighting did leave a little to be desired. The show hall featured a couple of avenues of traders (something for everyone, probably, but certainly not everything for everyone - and a little light on figure manufacturers/retailers ... but good for books ..)

Of the premier Societies (ourselves,
Lance & Longbow, WD, Pike & Shot) just 'me and my leaflets' attended .. none of us with games. There were a few games on show - mostly North West clubs having a day out. All of them of a good standard, I thought - none of them ancients (although with all the Doubles games in the foyer, you could hardly describe our periods as not represented ..)..

(Cheriton game and detail)

The 28mm Cheriton game looked very impressive, and had a nice array of supporting materials and affable presenters. There was the ground attack planes game that had been at Vapnartak, and some Fantasy stuff.

I also quite liked the Floor Tiles (my guess) way the BUA terrain had been done in the Flames of War game ...The Northern league Doubles are one day events and that formula seems to work quite nicely. I partnered the ubiquitous and multi-skilled James Hamilton for the day (who contributed usefully to my understanding of the finer points of FoG, whilst I think umpiring it as well ..)..

(Field of Glory Doubles: Roman nemesis)

(Field of Glory Doubles: excellent 15mm Turks)

Dave Ruddock/David Eltringham won the FoG event
David Thompson won the DBMM

All the details can be checked out on the MAWS NDBML page (here ... )
(the Hammy/Phil Steele combo came 4th= if you must know ...)...

(Colin Betts presents the prizes)

Next round is apparently at Derby (check the usual sources for info)

Thanks everyone.

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