Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sheffield, 17th - 18th April

Triples - The Show ... Saturday/SundayTriples was a at a super new venue this year .... Gone all the parking issues with the Octagon. Gone the dispersed spread over the rambling complex. The English Institute of Sport was excellent from the start. Full marks.

For the Sunday we relocated like a regular Society exhibit - right next to the Lance & Longbow Society. We reverted to this year's theme Participation Game 'Greyhounds in the Slips' - the Anno Domino combat game set in the Siege of Harfleur ....

Given the problems I had with the DBA post, I'll give you a photo tour of an excellent show in a very smart and efficient building ...

There was lots to look at, as ever with Triples ...

(Greyhounds in the Slips - 90mm Anno Domino)
(Lance & Longbow Society)

(Costume Societies used the famous indoor track)
(Ilkley's Piquet-based Granicus game)
(defending a river line with cavalry, that is ...)

(The Rather Large Towton Project did Blore Heath as a warm up)

(WAB demo game)

(Wargame Developments)

(Big Tank)

Thanks again everyone. Like I said, great venue, great show ...

See you next year.

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