Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birmingham, 5th December

Wargamer 2010

Slightly more on our doorstep, Wargamer was never really in doubt. A modest show but one which attracts a fair smattering of Midlands traders and often quite a good selection of games.

For the Society of Ancients, this would be the last outing of the year for 'Greyhounds in the Slips'. I had tried to see if I could set up a few Championship games (I am ever eager to fly the fla
g), but there was little support locally. Must be the weather.

We had the full range of results at Harfleur, including the one where nearly all the English were tak
en out by the sniping crossbowman, and the one where Harry hacked his way through almost the entire French detachment single handed.

On balance, of course, the English took the breach - but not without a few rousing speeches to stiffen the sinews.
Elsewhere, there were a couple of excellent ancients games, a Romans in Britain
game from the Border Warlords, which, on closer enquiry, turned out to be being played with WRG 6th Edition.

Now you don't always com
e across that these days ...
(WRG 6th Edition from the Border Warlords)
And there was a reconfigured version of the 28mm Viking raiding game seen at Alumwell earlier in the year. The scene has got wider, and there is 'flashing lights' fire in the burning buildings. 'We're going to do the church next' the presenter said. 'Is that an authentic Viking slogan, or a modelling plan to enhanc
e the display?' I asked, candidly ... (some of the home guard are mustering)
Amongst the other interesting fare, there was a lot of WW2 (not all FOW), an attractive Napoleonic skirmish, and a couple of good looking ECW games.

There are a few bonus pictures of the English Civil War stuff
here on my ECW blog.

A nice day our before Christmas, and back home by late afternoon. Thanks to the hosts - and something for your diaries for next year, perhaps ...


Trebian said...

This show is so close, - why don't I do it?

SoA Shows North said...

One of those eternal questions.

In this case, I'd hazard it is because you have only really appreciated it four days after the event.

I have publicised it, but I will remember to be more pushy next time.

It is a reasonably quiet local show - on the other hand it usually has plenty of space should one need it.

But not necessarily ideal for 6 player participation games unless you are taking the players with you, of course ...


BigLee said...

Nice pictures and write up. I saw 'Greyhounds in the Slips' at SELWG and it looked like fun.