Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Leeds, 4th December


Many apologies to the organisers - as advised, we were unable to travel to Recon due to uncertainties over the severe weather. As it happens, it seems it would have been fine (but how can you tell at 6.30am in freezing conditions?).

Steve Ayers got over from Salford ...

There were no particular problems and the local main roads and the motorways were clear (though there were a couple of snow ploughs on the other carriageway of the M62 over the Pennines clearing the margins of the road). The Pudsey Civic Centre car park was covered with snow and had not been gritted but was negotiable with care.

As promised on the web the previous evening, the show went on though (not surprisingly) in somewhat reduced form. Many traders a
nd games had failed to make it and the show was confined to the main hall (nothing upstairs).

Even so there were several empty tables (rather ironic that originally there wasn't room for an L&LS game of Wakefield 1460). A Dark Ages game was using the free "Comitatus" rules. There were a few other small games, mainly fantasy but nothing particularly eye-catching.

Despite the weather difficulties about 250 wargamers (as well as me) made it through the doors, so well done to them and the organisers.


Here's a memory of us at Recon in 2008 (it was snowy then, too ...). We did Gladiolus with the big Gladiators.

This year we were hoping to do Greyhounds in the Slips ....

Maybe next year ...

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