Thursday, September 13, 2012

2nd September, Newark (Kelham Hall)

The Other Partizan

A good party of volunteers turned out for the combined Society of Ancients/Lance & Longbow Society historical wargames zone at The Other Partizan.

In addition to the various enthusiast support lines from both Societies, we took along the 15mm playtest version of DBA3 'Bosworth' and the latest figures for the 54mm version.

(The Society of Ancients: scenes from the15mm Bosworth game)

Elsewhere all the ancients enthusiasts seemed taken with the Miller/Hendry collaboration Ad Castores (featuring Simon M's new troop concealing vineyard bowers).
(Ad Castores/Augustus to Aurelian)

(Ad Castores detail: auxilia emerge from the vineyards)

Also in the Dome - increasingly, the 'ancient and medieval zone' ... - Rob was running War and Conquest and showing off some splendid hoplites.  Scrivs and co were doing a massive Hail Caesar Dark Age game based on the Gododdin, and there was a medieval skirmish to boot.

(War & Conquest 28mm hoplites)

In addition to our DBA Bosworth (in which I may have been shown the riddle to succeeding from richard's poor position*), there were good particiaption games on offer ... Rollbahn Ost, Gordon's Alive, DBN etc. 

No reason not to sit down and try out a few games.

(some great participation games at The Other Partizan)

(this big Crimean game was one of the better of the 'samey' 28mm sprawls)

Bosworth updates:

(Richard and Henry in 54mm for the upcoming Bosworth game: standards are printed fabric by Fluttering Flags)

Developing the Bosworth game, I am very pleased with how the standards (Graham Fordham's Fluttering Flags) are turning out, and I have converted up some suitable guns from Ian Kay's (Irregular Miniatures) 40mm Renaissance guns.

Artillery are one of the key arms at Bosworth.  Attested in great numbers, the presence of over 30 cannon balls in the marshy area of Fenn Lane forms part of the very evidence for the probable site.   

By 1485, modern 'field' artillery was taking its soon to become traditional form ... but though the lighter trails and large spoked wheels gave it greater mobility, it still could only move slowly off road (so limiting the deployment of Richard's battery to the left of the van, where the marsh would gain Henry some cover from the power of an awesome seven score guns ...
(one of Richard's 'state of the art' new fangled cannon)

I have painted Richard's guns a vibrant red in deference to his constant demand that his colours were displayed.

* or not: it can sometime be difficult with a wargame to tell the difference between inspired understanding of the battlefield and a good combination of luck (the two regularly overlap) ...


BigRedBat said...

Thanks for the press re our game!

I think if you look closely at the Nappy game in your pic, you'll see the French and Brits on the same side, advancing into the teeth of Russian guns, across the Alma! The game looked very good although I only had a minute to look at it. HE had vineyards, too! :-)

Cheers, Simon

SoA Shows North said...

Thanks for the steer Simon, I will recaption that 'Napoleonic' game (clearly was looking through the camera ... or some other excuse ...) 28mm is clearly confusingly big for me!

However I do like Crimean stuff so no wonder it attracted my somewhat distracted attention. I think I'll stop digging in this hole :)

I was really pleased with the shot of your game which I used as the header for the post. Very atmospheric ...


BigRedBat said...

It was a good shot, Phil.

Now, next year I want to put on a PROPER battle... :-) Back to the brushes...

Cheers, Simon