Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eastern Front News

The Shows North team will be at Eastern Front in Norwich tomorrow.  Please come along and get involved.   We will be hosting a low intensity DBA event which you can join in on the the day.  Bring your own army or borrow one of ours.   

Join in for as many games as you like (no obligation to stay for the finals)No fees (other than entry to the show)

East of England DBA Challenge 2012

After consultation with 'the management', we have the following format for those who would like to play.
Please check in at the Society of Ancients stand (i.e. see Phil ... ;) winking) ASAP when the show opens at 10am.   We encourage entry on the day (no need to have pre-booked), and there is no entry fee other than for the show.  Players will play 2 or more timed 'pool' games in the morning session to qualify for the final rounds in the afternoon. 
Bring your own army in 15mm, any valid army is allowed from AD 410 to AD 1066*. No terrain required. One list (all elements must be selected in advance for the event), normal dismounting rules etc. apply. Armies that actually fought in Britannia within the period also qualify for the 'Dux Britanniae' award.
 Some Loan armies will be available.   We intend to run a plate competition if there is support ...
*per DBA version 2.2

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