Saturday, June 21, 2014

14th June, St Helens

Phalanx 2014 ...

(young enthusiasts cluster around the Society of Ancients stand)

Phalanx seemed very busy this year and had its usual successful mix of things to do, things to buy and things to look at.  

(DBA challenge, bombers, WWI, Society stands ... and shopping too ...) 

The Bring & Buy continues to offer traditional bargains and to be well supported (maybe that helps ... in a late run, even I found a couple of book bargains) ...

(the Phalanx Bring & Buy tables - quiet enough for me to get near but still heaving)

But my first break was not until after lunch, such were the number of people to talk to on the Society stand and Martin's popular DBA game.

The Society of Ancients followed the now time honoured formula of me and Chris up with the stand and Slingshots supporting a quick and dirty (armies provided) DBA participation game (can you beat the Society team - and it was close!) ...

(Martin in DBA action with a keen audience)

(DBA challenge ... 'tatty' Romans about to go in ... )

(DBA challenge ... decisions! decisions! ... )

(DBA challenge ... Persians vs Greeks)

This is a simple formula but continues to attract players for a dozen or so games ... easily over half the games involved teenagers or younger which may be of interest to the habitual hand wringers (historical games always go down well with youngsters*)

There were plenty of historical games to enjoy, many of them in our periods - though in keeping with the 2014 trend, much more Medieval than ancient (our DBA games were the main ancient offering)

Wyrley Retinue had their beautiful Scottish Wars battle ... always one to photograph

(worth clicking the image to enjoy a bigger picture)

And this year, the Liverpool club chose a medieval Impetus game from the Barons War and loaded the table with figures ...

(Extra Impetus Barons War open battle)

Just to keep the variety coming, the Lance & Longbow Society were putting Poleaxed through its paces in a version of the small Wars of the Roses battle at Hedgeley Moor (1464).

(Lance & Longbow Society/Poleaxed II ... Hedgeley Moor)

Wow!  What a great selection of games.

And of course, that was just the ancient and medieval fare ... 

I didn't really get too much time for the rest of it but here's a superficial summary ...

I have to include this Pacific Island hop ...

Because it included some big photogenic ships (1/72 planes, you know ...)

(click the picture for the full image)

Gary brought along a little tabletop teaser for the Pike & Shot Society

But it wasn't the biggest ECW game on show

(massive Pike and Shotte Marston Moor game)

('Where Eagles Dare' sequel participation game ... not so icy as the original ;) )

So a great show and a great day out for the many enthusiasts that turned out.

Plenty of youngsters of course, but nice to meet Society veterans Taylor, Tofalos, Webster and Hughes (and former President Phil Halewood, of course) amongst many welcome visitors.

Great show, Spartans Club ... thanks for hosting us.

Speaking of veterans, the Gentlemen Pensioners (veteran Societies show teamers all) stayed up for Sunday (see the Sudan game)

But I think ancient and Medieval enthusiasts will see me next demonstrating the Battle of Northampton at the open day on July 5th.

*  and even better with their parents who clearly see the value of finding out about the Greeks and Romans ..


Phil said...

Very nice pictures, sounds like a great day!

SoA Shows North said...

Thanks ...

Yes ... a great regional show with a classic formula and a friendly atmosphere.