Wednesday, May 20, 2015

16th May, Sheffield, EIS

The SoA DBA Northern Cup at the Sheffield TRIPLES show.

So my trip to Triples started with a powercut, a broken down lorry on the A43 and the M1 North shut due to an accident (apologies to the thousands of other people choosing to travel then and who therefore ended up caught in my jinx) ...

So no surprises that I would lose more than one game of DBA on the day rolling a one with my general ...

This was the 11th annual Northern Cup and as smoothly organised as ever by our stalwart Lincoln friends.   The theme was Britain: a Nation at War' and featured scenarios from ancient times to the Wars of the Roses.

(Sub Roman British vs Scots Irish)

(Later Imperial Romans)

(splendid 15th Century armies based on Game of Thrones)

The possible boards (draw randomly for each round) were: Ancient British vs Caledonian; Pictish vs Late Imperial Roman; Scots Irish vs Sub Roman British; Norse Irish vs Norse Irish; Welsh vs Anglo Norman; Scots Common vs Scots Isles and Highlands; Feudal English vs Feudal French; House Stark vs House Lannister.

The Northern Cup offers a pretty full day of wargaming - 5 rounds in the day - but one of the advantages of getting beaten relatively quickly is that there is a bit more time to wander round the excellent show ...

Ancient/Medieval enthusiasts would have loved the display by the Knights in Battle Medieval Society ... combining equipment displays from their reenactments with a colourful battle using Neil Thomas rules ...

(Knights in Battle equipment display and picture books)

(the miniature Knights in all their glory) 

There was a popular participation game being run all through by Wargames Developments (didn't really get to talk to them as there was a game in progress every time I walked past) ...

(WD's Costal Command game in full swing ...) 

... and amongst a number of attractively presented participation games, I also noticed this gunfight game (again, supported with an eye-catching display of weapons and relevant exhibits) ...

I know a lot of fellow enthusiasts insist it is all about the game (or all about the minis), but I think the additional display features, exhibits and interpretations are all part of a good presentation these days: not only do they catch the eye, they also give another crack at explaining to casual browsers why you think your period or genre is worth their attention.

An all too brief look round from me, but lots to see and do.

Back at the DBA Northern Cup, the final round shuffled the pack, and for the 11th successive year, a new Champion emerged (astonishingly, nobody has ever won this event twice) ...

(The 2015 DBA Northern Cup Champion and runners up)

Phil Johnson won with Pete Duckworth (2nd) and Scott Russell as runners up.  Thereafter ... Dennis Grey; Martin Smith; Paul Hodson; Colin O'Shea; Graham Fordham, Tom Howes and Tom Whitehead; Richard Pulley; FrankShaw; Martin Myers.  Phil Steele and Mark Johnson jointly propped up the table.

A thoroughly good day out.  Thanks to Paul and Tony for organising the event, Sheffield Wargames Society for hosting it at Triples, and to the Society of Ancients for sponsorship.

See the Society's Shows North team next at Partizan at the end of the month.

UK DBA League page (Society Sponsored)

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Phil said...

Great looking tables, seems to be a nice event! 15th Century army is looking great, I would have liked to see more pictures of them!