Wednesday, May 24, 2017

21st May, Newark Showground


For some years, now, we have jointly booked Partizan with the Lance & Longbow Society and Northampton Battlefields Society.   Latterly, the organisers have created a 'history zone' to accommodate the historical wargaming societies and military heritage stands.

(Northampton Battlefields Society)

So this year, the key zone offered you ...

Please click those links, as all these worthy organisations need your consideration.  All are charities or volunteer run.   Wargaming and military heritage interests would not be where they are without them.

 (the History Zone at Partizan)

Northamptonshire's most famous battle is Naseby ... arguably the most important battle in British history ... it has its own charity but is also a key project for the Battlefields Trust ...

(The Naseby Battlefield model)

Equally important, but firmly imbedded in the Participation Games zone, Wargame Developments is another volunteer association encouraging game designers and rules innovation.

Games at Partizan:

 Outside the ancmed brief, so for more pics of Phil's Naseby, go to the ECWBattles blog

(Northampton Battlefields  Society/Lance & Longbow/Society of Ancients: Northampton 1460)

(More ECW: Edgehill in 12mm)

(... and more ... Cropredy Bridge in 28mm)

Plus ...

How about this?

And regular readers will know I couldn't resist this ...

(click on the picture for a larger image)

So, a wonderful History Zone, and surprisingly lots of ECW ... but not so much in the ancients and medieval periods at Partizan this year.

Nevertheless, the Society of Ancients did well and the L&LSoc had a splendid day ... NBS and the Battlefields Trust also had a lot of interest - so thanks to everybody who stopped by.


A number of you wanted to join the Society of Ancients but wanted to pay by card.  Here's the link:

You will get membership of the oldest historical wargaming fellowship, 6 issues of Slingshot, a 20% discount on the Society's large back catalogue of games and publications, plus a host of other discounts (from 25% to 5% according to the trader) ... and there's a Conference and a Games Day ...

Most ancient and medieval enthusiasts give The Society of Ancients a try at some stage - the majority like and most stay ... if you are not a member, try clicking on the link.

We would appreciate your support.


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