Monday, May 15, 2017

6th and 7th May, Central Milton Keynes


The show in the shopping centre.  Yes, and a great opportunity to reach out to ordinary folk and engage them with wargames and military history.

To do that we team up with the Northampton Battlefields Society and the Battlefields Trust ...

( The Battlefields Trust reprised Phil's wargamable display of the 1645 battle at Naseby)

(Northampton Battlefields Society added a participation game of Northampton 1460 by Graham Evans)

(medieval weapons and equipment from the Northampton collection)

(while the Society brought out the Kadesh game 'Call it Qids')

We were busy all day Saturday and both games got played a lot.  The displays attracted a lot of interest - feeling the weight of the swords, trying the helmets etc.

On Sunday we were joined by another of the Northampton team, Peter, the archer who answered questions on the longbows, demonstrated fletching etc.

Here are some more pictures of the games and exhibits

There was a nice mix of scales and resolutions ... blocks for Northampton, 6mm figures for Qids 

(Call it Qids: 6mm Hittites from Baccus)

(showing members of the public how wargames work - and letting them enjoy some history)

(Northampton 1460)

Elsewhere in the show:

This 15mm game was DBMM at the Teutoburgerwald on hex terrain.  Lots of trees.

And some nice scenics and figures in 10mm

But if you want bigger figures, Skirmish wargames had these 54mm ...

Next to our Wars of the Roses displays, Bedford Gladiators put on this 28mm Barnet

Nearly all lovely ancient and medieval games but I also like this 54mm colonial bash...

For more of the Naseby, see Phil's ECWBattles blog.

See NBS, SoA and the Battlefields Trust/Naseby at Partizan next weekend 

Call it Qids is available from the Society website.

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