Sunday, March 11, 2018

DBA Special ... II/33 Polybian Roman

This army is drawn from Scipio's legions from the Zama game ...

The 10mm figures are mostly the Armies in Miniature figures that used to be sold by Chariot Miniatures.   I still think they are some of the best, despite their slightly flimsy weapons shafts.

They are on 40mm frontages with 3 to 6 mounted figures ... the foot I tried to give a more Roman flavour  so are in 4 figure clumps: 1 clump for the Triarii, 2 for the Principes - and for the Hastati, a figure in the gap between 2 clumps (intending the indicate maniples spreading out or contracting down in the line relief system) ...

(arrangement of the 10mm figures on Phil's Polybian Roman DBA bases)

The generals are individually based and detachable purely for flexibility.

Here's the army:

Cv Gen plus 1 Cv  

(Scipio Africanus)

2 x Sp (Triarii)

4 x 4Bd (Principes and Hastati)

2 x 4Bd (Hastati)

2 x Ps (Velites)

stockade Camp with bolt shooter CF element

For Zama, of course, the allies would be Numidians

Numidian ally Cv and 2 x LH

So (the basic army) Cv gen; 1 Cv, 2 x Sp; 6 x 4Bd, 2 x Ps.

Very simple but hard to beat.

This army 'pairs' with Later Carthaginian


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I like it

Phil said...

A great looking army, and camp!

Khusru said...

The camp looks a little special. The army too.

Andrew Bruce said...

Very nice indeed

Take care


SoA Shows North said...

It is a standard maximum sized 4BW camp ... but one of the joys of 10mm figures is you can do a lot with that space.

SoA Shows North said...

Thanks for the positive comnents, everyone. Much appreciated.