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20th October, Bakewell

So this is another pairs format ... historical armies but open choice of terrain.

Having used my 'work in progress' Byzantines at the Midland Open, I decided to carry on the good work and dust off my generic Gothic collection to see if there was a Lombard-ish option.  I think it passed muster.

(my guys: Early Lombard and Maurikian Byzantine)

The pairing is based on the wars of the Lombard Dukes in Northern and Central Italy in the 570s and 80s ... notionally Duke Faroald of Spoleto and his historical adversary, the Romanised German Droctulfo.  Ravenna in their sights.

The pair gave some nice games, and for a change, I won my 'home' games.  Of course, that risks it looking like I know what I'm doing.

Here's the 'away' games ...

(Marian Roman vs Slave Revolt)

This gave me something of a chance - Romans vs Spartacus is a pair I have in my own collection (and took to Alton I think) ... so I know it quite well.  Also I think Nick was uncommonly generous to the Romans in letting them have an elephant.

(Khmer and Malayans)

This was Simon's set up.  I always seem to mishandle these elephant armies.  And did so again.

(Viking and Sub-Roman British)

I made a mess of this one too ... being too 'speculative' in my attacks - pushing the pace and paying the price.  Hmmm.

I generally got 'given' the Goths, which was nice ... here's a view of the pairing from the Gothic point of view:

(Early Lombard III/2 vs Maurikian Byzantine III/17)

(From my game with the eventual champion, the Lombard warriors defend a Romanesque chapel from its rightful owners ...)

So, what happened ... well we all had a good time and ... Richard Pulley won with his match: Nubians I/3 and Libyans I/7a.

Followed by 2: Scott Russell (Viking and Sub-Roman British); 3: Martin Myers (I/50 Lydian and I/60b Early Achaeminid Persian - Cyrus); 4: Mark Johnson (Early Libyan  and Nubian); 5: Paul Murgatroyd  (New Kingdom Egyptian and Hittite Empire); 6: Phil Johnson (II/56 Early Imperial Roman and II/25 Bosporan); 7: Phil Steele (Lombard III/2 and Maurikian Byzantine III/17); 8: Simon Wilson (Khmer III/23a and Malay IV/37a); 9: Reece Bettison (II/9a Syracusan and II/32a Later Carthagenian); 10: Craig Allen (II/6 Bithynian and Pergamene)*

Then ... John Saunders (Post Mongol Russian and Golden Horde), Graham Fordham (Early Achaemenid Persian and Lydian), Rob Rush (II/78a Western Late Roman and II/72c Suevi), Frank Shaw (Yueh and Warring States Chinese), Baldie Storey (Ancient British and Ancient British), Tamara Fordham (New Kingdon Egyptian and Early Bedouin Midianite Arab), Christine Rigby (III/19a Welsh and III/72 Anglo Danes), Keith Murphy (Lombard and Nikephorian Byzantine), Andy Wheeldon (East Frankish and Italian Lombard), Nick Wright-Carter (II/45c Spartacus and II/49 Marian Roman)

*voted best army

What?  You want to see more of the players?  OK then - here you go ...

These events are part of the UK DBA League sponsored by the Society of Ancients.  Players who are Society members often count their games towards the Society Championship

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