Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Martin's 'dirty' DBA

More of our DBA outing at Phalanx

Back with the plot ... as briefly touched in the general entry for Phalanx, the entertainment we provided was Martin Charlesworth's 'Dirty DBA' (and by dirty, he means, as far as I get it ... quick 'n' dirty ...) - so no unnecessary frills ... just quick as you can, from intro to playing the game.

4 pieces of terrain are flipped into place, and the visitors get a choice of assembled armies ....

Martin ran the games, and provided standard opposition with his Later Persians.

The Greeks proved the most popular pick to oppose them, and Martin was happy to allow any number of players to command the armies - even 4 youngsters taking 3 bases each in one game! A recipe for disintegration ... yes. But actually, with bits and pieces everywhere, they won.

Well, a wargamer? Outnumbered 4:1 by kids? What chance did he have?

Anyway, I've asked Martin to send me some notes on the rules (and tweaks) which I will post as and when. Meanwhile, here's some gratuitous eye candy ...

In addition to the ever popular Greeks, to face off the Persians, there were ....

So, some subtle - some, perhaps, not...

The final score was 7 -5 to the Late Persians (the 'home team'), and it provided a constant stream of entertainment.

Thanks for a great session, Martin.


tradgardmastare said...

Figures look great and good to see them. Sounds like a really fun day!
cheers Alan

John said...

Greetings from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

I've been planning the GELIDIS (Greater East Lansdowne Invitational DBA Instructional Seminar) - something similar to what you've done - putting new players at one side of a board with terrain and armies ready, and having them just Start To Play.

Have typed up an 'excerpted' set of the DBA rules, without the 'army basing' and 'game setup' stuff - just the 'how to play' bits.

Also a set of the 'rules for each troop type'

Let me know if anyone's interested, will send as email attachments.

Yours, John Desmond
(remove dashes to email me)

SoA Shows North said...

Hey John ...

I don't know if you are a member of the Society of Ancients at the moment - but this sounds like something that would make a great Slingshot article ...

Philadelphia? Nice and handy for Historicon, then (well compared to anywhere in England, that's for sure :) ...)...

It's been a few years, now, and I keep promising myself a return visit. Ah well ... enjoy it if you're able to get time to go to Lancaster ...


Ashley said...

What happenned to the DBA Poitiers scenario you guys were talking about?

Will that be making a come back.


SoA Shows North said...

It's the 2008 show game, basically.

I'm in favour of diversity, so whenever an option comes up, I tend to back it ... So this year we have done
Armati (Arsuf). York
Poitiers DBA .. Triples, Partizan
AMW ............Milton Keynes
'Pick up' DBA . Phalanx
Gladiolus ..... Birmingham Expo
mixed demos ... COW

Meanwhile, the main shows team (games: Phil sabin with Eric cruttenden)did the 'Lost Battles' Coronaea and Bagradas games at Cavalier and salute respectively.

I'm putting in an order for some 54mm plastics, and this may be the definitive version of the Poitiers game in the making.

Of course, scale isn't universally relevant to scenario (though I think it makes a difference to the 'real estate' issues of the game) - and I think I will post some more development stuff here.

The eventual 'scenario' - assuming that means a proper 'document' will be Slingshot material, first and foremost (SoA and Slingshot are the 'daddies' in these parts :o) ...).. but once that option's been worked, if it's good enough, it might need a home!

(hope there was an answer in that, Ash ...)

John said...

Salutations, Phil !

Sorry not to respond sooner, life hectic.

Was a member of SoA once, plan to rejoin sometime. All I need is more time and more money.

As I said, will email the GELIDIS 'basic DBA - here's the battlefield, friends, here are your armies, let's play' rules to whomever asks.

Plan to write up the results whenever I can get the games together, you're welcome to put them in _Slingshot_, though I may upload them to Fanaticus.org first. Pictures?

Unfortunately didn't make it to H'con - been out of work and short on cash. Hoping to be at Fall In.

Yours, John Desmond