Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DBA Special: II/55b Nobades

DBA3: II/55b Nobades

This is the army I selected for the 2016 English Open ...  part of the 'work in progress' project for armies on Rome's desert frontier (Axumite Abyssinian, Nomad Pre-Islamic Arab etc.) ...

For the event I have recycled some Abyssinian foot from my old DBM army but having played 6 games on the day, I'm happy this is a good addition to my collection of bespoke armies and will tailor make the requisite troops.   Look out for a future post.

Here's the army as it played at Portsmouth ...

The general is a Cv element but I have put him on a camel to stand out.

The cavalry are an imaginative mix of various components to give that desert frontier feel.  

I have a large resource of African and Arab infantry and cavalry from that very large DBM army and should be able to populate all these armies with characteristic figures.

I favour taking the 2 camel mounted spearmen as the 'quick kill' against knights does give the army some deadly tricks.

For the camp and table ornaments I assumed the Nobades had struck deep into the heartlands of the older Egyptian civilisations ...  it's a nice setting.

The Obelisk is the top half of a Hirst Arts model (I just found the full model too tall to be useful on the table) ... 

The lovely water carriers are Chariot.  Otherwise it's a healthy mix of Museum, Essex, Falcon, Donnington, Gladiator, Chariot etc. I'm sure you can spot the various examples.

A report on the Open will follow shortly.


Anonymous said...

An interesting army, well painted and presented.

Fire at Will said...

Great work Phil

Phil said...

Stunning job, love the awesome presentation!

SoA Shows North said...

Sorry for the delay responding but thanks for commenting - positive feedback is always a special bonus ... cheers, everyone