Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birmingham, 13th December

Wargamer 2009
The other half of a busy weekend saw the Shows North crew at Wargamer in Birmingham (Tamara Fordham easily beating me in a pre-Christmas game of Gladiolus ...)...

Graham Fordham provided the 'man'power in the afternoon, enabling me to head north for Derby in time to present the trophies at the end of the Doubles Event. Thanks to everyone for getting that to work: actually it is a real pleasure to do two events on the same day, but it can only really happen when everyone helps.

Wargamer is one of those smaller shows that the West Midlands seems to excel at, and was our last official outing before Christmas. We handed out a few more sample issues of Slingshot, of course, but mostly dealt with subscriptions for next year and enquiries. It was also a last chance to spend some money with the traders, entertain the visitors and put the year to bed.

(an appropriately wintry Flames of War)
And, of course a chance to take the camera around one last time. Not a great deal of ancients games on display at Wargamer, it has to be said ... we obviously still have some work to do ....

See you all next year.

Thanks from the Society of Ancients to all the show and event organisers ... 27 of them, for me, this year ... that's a lot of people mucking in to help us make sure the public doesn't miss out on ancient and medieval warfare.
(Wargamer 2009)

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