Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Derby 12th -13th December

Society of Ancients Doubles Masters 2009 Final
Now a Field of Glory event, this was the final round of this year's Society of Ancients Doubles Masters, and all to play for. A busy weekend, as, on Sunday we were also due to be at the 'Wargamer' show in Birmingham. Nevertheless, I managed to get a game in on the Saturday - partnering Lynda Fairhurst as her Scots took on the well-fancied Handley/Sharp Hungarians.

(Scots against Hungarians at Derby)

We lost - but narrowly. It was a tight and educational game - like all these, played in the best spirit ... In the end, Dave and Nick narrowly missed their shot at the title and the event was won by Wayne Dare and Kieth Martin Smith
That is, I think officially, the team was Graham Evans and Wayne Dare, with Kieth as first reserve. The combo won the Derby event, and that was enough to secure them the Alexander trophy for the year as Doubles Masters. More details on all the year's results can be found by following the 'Doubles' links on the BHGS website (here ...)

The Society's thanks go to the BHGS for organising this competition again, and especially to David Fairhurst who does the lion's share of it ...

Next year will see a major change to the Doubles, and a reduction to two larger events, one in England, one in Scotland. The English event will 31st July/1st August at Wheatley Campus just outside Oxford (again, details can be found on the BHGS website). We look forward to a great weekend.

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