Friday, May 4, 2018

14th April, London Docklands

London's SALUTE 2018 at Excel exhibition centre in Docklands was a bit of a flying visit for me.  Having exhibited or manned a stand for most (all?) of the last 30+ years since the days back in Chelsea and Kensington, this year I was at a Battlefields Trust meeting in the morning - so only able to give the big show a couple of hours. 

Amazing to think it is 12 months since we did the 'Nick the Tsar' redux game!

Click that picture for a link to what may have been the AdHoc Games Group's farewell Salute appearance ...

Anyway, this year seemed very well attended (and I missed the busy morning session don't forget) - I walked in past a National Wedding show or some such ... seemed very quiet: everyone was heading for or crammed in the wargames event!  Good choice I reckon.

(Salute 2018 ... visitors chill out.  Still busy round the trade stands though)

I made sure I visited all the Society stands and wished them the best.  It's a big effort for clubs and society volunteers to do this show but it is the one all their members and enthusiasts go to so pretty much mandatory.

So good on you, 
(click the links and go join something ...) 

... without you Salute and wargaming would be much the poorer.

Northampton Battlefields Society couldn't be there but it was good to see the 1460 game on sale and (I'm told) doing very well.

And there's a wave from our own stand ... Phil and David with the BattleDay reprise - Paraitakene.

At the BattleDay I was busy with the DBA game so here are a couple of better pictures than I got the week before.

(Paraitakene 317 BC - a Lost Battle at Salute 2018 from the Society of Ancients)

(Paraitakene 317: some pike sperai from the Eumenid army)

Here are some other games I liked the look of -

Good to see naval and coastal games well represented - this year's trend?

Plus WWII ...

Crusades ...

... and much more ...

Here's a closer look at some of those 10mm figures in the ECW version of To the Strongest -

Very nice, Andrew ;) 

All in all, a nice afternoon.  I'll be back next year I'm sure.  Maybe promoting The Great Game.  Watch this space.

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