Wednesday, May 9, 2018

28th April, Newark Showground

Hammerhead and the Northern Cup 

So, ordinarily, this would be late Feb/early March ... but that was the big freeze and the Police shut Newark to traffic.  But the show must go on - and it did: at the end of April.

In addition to playing in the DBA event and presenting the Society sponsored Cup, I was asked to support the tournament with a Participation Game version of DBA ... and there was also the show.

So this report will have 3 parts.

 (Pharsalus ... the BattleDay DBA Participation Game)

The Game, the Cup and the Show.

Pharsalus 48 BC a Double DBA Game 

Details of the Double DBA were published in the History of Wargaming DBA 2.2 reprint (Zama) but I'll post an updated version here in due course (as V3 is a little different to earlier versions) ...

Essentially each player has 2 armies deployed one behind the other.  The front army is 'expendable and may be used to batter through the other player's front army or play for time or manoeuvre for advantage.  These armies will ultimately be withdrawn.

The rear army is the reserve, and the battle between the reserves is for keeps.  The winning reserve army wins the game.

We'll get back to that in a minute.

The DBA Northern Cup 

The Northern Cup plays over 6 rounds with randomly selected scenarios between historical enemies  on imaginary preset terrain.

Here are this year's boards: 

I had variable success over the six games ... no duplicates ... I won some - but mostly I lost the others.

I had the army right in front of the viewer.

(The 2018 DBA Northern Cup: 6 games from Phil's point of view)

I really liked those Classical Indians.

(DBA Classical Indian)

Nice armies, Tony ...

OK ... let's have a quick wizz around the show ..

Hammerhead Show

Naval looks like it's going to be a thing this year.

I really liked this one where the ships stand on stilts and the subs cruise around beneath them.  A good idea I think - and well executed.

But there's more ..

(more from Hammerhead - and, yes, that carrier game was also at Salute)

Back in the DBA zone, here are some closeups of Pharsalus:

The armies are 10mm figures.  Most of Caesar's infantry are by Newline Designs.  A welcome addition.

Pompey's foot are the AIM/Chariot figures from my Republicans, and the cavalry on both sides is a mix ... the above plus Magister Militum, Pendraken and a few Adler and Baggage Train for variety.

They are on 40mm frontages ... basically 10mm figures on 15s basing.

I really like the panoramic look you can get with 10mm.

(DBA Pharsalus in 10mm ... Pompey's vastly superior cavalry suges forward on the open flank)

 ( DBA Pharsalus in 10mm ...the infantry close)

( DBA Pharsalus in 10mm ...Pompey's lavish and well-defended camp)

Winners and Losers

Everyone's a winner, of course (they're playing with toy soldiers, afterall!)

But here are some positions ... Simon 3rd and Phil J runner-up ...

West Wind presented the prizes and generous shopping  vouchers.  I presented the Society of Ancients DBA Northern Cup.  Drum roll ... to ... Martin Myers.

... and then we all had our picture taken.  


Prufrock said...

Nice one!

Lee Hadley said...

Excellent photos.

Trebian said...

So...those games with my South East Asian armies weren't wasted then?

SoA Shows North said...

Thanks, Lee ... your pictures are amongst the best around so it's a great compliment.

All the best


SoA Shows North said...

Err, Trebian ... I lost that game!

I think I was too worried about getting my general killed by the elephant mounted artillery model.

The game threw up the discussion we have had on a number of occasions (as to why elephants are so obviously 'bad' in what is clearly 'elephant terrain' - and through which, in reality, they seem to stomp around quite happily).

So two 'elephant armies' in a jungle battlefield is a pretty game but something of an odd one.


Trebian said...

Good to see we aren't the only ones to query the elephant rules.

Otherwise, as young people say, LOL.