Saturday, October 12, 2019

1st September, Peterborough

A very busy September started with an enjoyable day just up the road in the company of Peterborough Wargames Club at Hereward.

This has become a regular outing for us and is a show that retains all the appeal of a traditional local show - organised primarily as a local club's open day.  In theory it's also a good opportunity for Northamptonshire Battlefields Society to meet and engage local people with local battlefields (although as Edgcote is our theme battle this year, 'local' is always relative: Peterbrough is just over the county line at one end of Northamptonshire and Edgcote is some 70 miles away, just inside the line at the other end).

The reality, of course, is that battles and campaigns aren't just confined to single spaces, and the Northmen at Edgcote in 1469 almost certainly came from Doncaster by the Great North Road via Stamford and the second rebellion (1470) was centred on the East Midlands and culminated at Losecote Field less than 20 miles up the road.  It's a local story.

(NBS volunteer, Paul, tells the Edgcote story)

(Northamptonshire Battlefields Society: medieval weapons and armour)

Edgcote Pictures

(Edgcote 1469: Robin of Redesdale takes up position on the East Hill overlooking Danesmoor)

Edgcote 1469: the earl of Pembroke's army was stationed on the West Hill)

(At some point during the battle or the build up, the earl of Devon leaves with his archers)

(harrassed by Robin's archers, Pembroke has no choice other than to attack across the small river)

The Show

The rest of the show had a good mix of attractions, a 'flea market' style bring-and-buy with good prices (happy punters and happy sellers - so that obviously works), bacon butties, a good mix of participation games (which are prioritised) and show games ... Dave Lanchester selling books ... Harry Sidebottom signing books ... 

And there's always the chance to try the NBS weapons for size ...

(Hereward 2019: on the NBS stand)

(Hereward 2019: Whacky Races)

(Hereward 2019: good looking and interesting games all round as usual)

At this show we had enough people to run the game with a couple of lads who would otherwise have been playing fantasy.  They picked up the basics of Hail Caesar quite quickly, commanding Robin and the reinforcements.  Paul too Pembroke's role and attacked with complete confidence.

Mirroring history, it all went horribly wrong - although in this battle, the rebels didn't allow the Herberts to try appealing for clemency a day or two later (with Warwick in Northampton): no, their heads were lopped off on the battlefield.

Warwick, of course, was never Mr Clemency, so the outcome was the same.

A great little show.  It should be on your list.

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