Friday, October 11, 2019

DBA Special: Book III/12 Christian Nubian

Another addition to the later ancient African group of armies (with Axumites and Nobades already available and Meroitics on the desk), this is another warriors and camels type army from the Middle Nile region and can ally with or fight against Beja and Nobades as well as fight against the Abyssinians and most of the surrounding Arab dynasties.

I painted the figures, Imogen painted the beach which I borrowed for a sandy backdrop.

The camels are Museum Miniatures with the usual adaptations that are needed to fit them on the bases.    The spearmen and mace-men are Feudal Castings.  The balance are the usual mix of Chariot, Essex, TableTop (and there's a Grumpy and a Donnington in there too!).

The broken obelisk has been knocking around for ages in my terrain box, so I turned it into a Nubian camp (changing the Camp Follower element leaves it suitable for a number of armies/periods so it's a handy item) ... It was a Hovels model, I think.  It seems good to me for anyone who has a grudge against the Egyptians.

(DBA Book III list 12: Christian Nubian)

The Mounted

I put the King in an animal skin transplanted from a Roman Aquilifer.  

(camel warriors from Museum Miniatures with some Nubian style heads swaps)

So that's a Kn or Cv general, 2 x camels, 2 x LH and a camel scout (LCm who could, instead, have been a Ps)

The Foot

I opted to take Blades and solid archers for the powerful combination of 4Bd with 4Bw (side support in close combat)

The Camp

(DBA broken obelisk camp ... in this case Christian Nubian)

There are a number of Camp Follower elements that would be suitable for this camp but here I have tried to hint at the legendary figure of Prester John ... almost certainly nothing to do with Nubia or even Ethiopia (but nevertheless maybe a distant memory of a lost Christian Kingdom somewhere beyond Arabia) 

(Prester John and the desert kingdoms, sand dunes by Imogen)

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