Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alexandria USA 22nd to 24th May


Wow - so that's the view from the Crowne Plaza up the Potomac to Washington. pretty good. It wasn't the cheapest room we got on our two week holiday to the states (I suspect that was a slightly dowdy motel near Chickamauga ... 'ready for refurbishment' would be a polite way to describe that one, and it was not overpriced ...)
Yes, great and worthwhilebattlefields and culture tour round Georgia and South Carolina, then a whistlestop into Washington for the IWF's tournament weekend - and half a dozen games of FoG with my currently favoured Condotta Italian (Hawkwood's 'Florentines')

I had a great time in Alexandria (indeed a great visit to the US over all...).
I got to play 6 non-Brits (big reason why, as a middling sort of player, you
would travel ...).. and all of them good opponents and nice players ...

So a special thanks to Ricky Jones, Bob Andriola, Peter Contos, Jeff Fletcher,
Marc Crotteau and Steve Ladanyi (FoGsters familiar with 'names' will know what a
good set of games that was)...

Mostly tight games and results, but a big win against Peter (thanks), a big
defeat to Ricky (er .. thanks ... no, you can't call me 'Ricky's bunny' ...) and
I could not roll dice against Steve. And all of them a worthy challenge and a
good natured contest.
Well done to the competitors in all the other ancients competitions too, and thanks to Dan for pushing the Society of Ancients at every opportunity (and providing some space for slingshot, dragooning the undecided to take out a subscription - you know it makes sense) ...

Lots of trophies and prizes - nearly everyone got something to take home. Even David Dietrich of NASAMW gave me copy of the current edition of Warrior (which I will review for Slingshot, though it still seems like 7th edition to me)

A day off in Washington

The monday after the tournament was a public holiday - Memorial Day... parades and
ceremonies, and an ecellent day for a visit. I thought this was a great day to visit the city and was pleased to be a part of it. Here's my postcard. I have more at ... (link)