Friday, June 26, 2009

St Helens 20th June

Phalanx 2009
--> --> Another excellent trip to Sutton Leisure Centre. Martin Charlesworth once again volunteered to put on his DBA quick fire participation game - so Chris and I just had to take the Shows North Society stand up to complete the SoA pitch. Many thanks also to former president Phil Halewood who also helped out, running a fair few of the games. Great stuff - and much appreciated. It's easy to volunteer ... and everybody gets a great day out... Being well manned on the stand also means I get to take my camera for a walk - to capture a flavour of the show for those of you who couldn't make it.

Not quite so many ancients games to photograph this year. But a good variety of themes and
scales nonetheless.
--> Thanks to Martin's DBA participation table, we had one of the busiest areas - and I'd be surprised if any of the other games were able to put through quite as many players as the Society of Ancients
--> (Phil Halewood runs the DBA game)
--> (Italian Wars game by Steve Ayers)

-->Quite a contrast perhaps … I must admit the big Nappies game next door was very beautiful (it had as many hangers-on and we had youngsters playing, at one stage) – and once they’d won their trophy, they did try to blitz their way through a few turns .. probably so people like me couldn't say it was static … Ho hum. Quite a few Colonial games on show (Peter Pig has clearly sold a lot of his Sudan range …): quite intriguing as I was staying over with the gentlemen Pensioners again this year (forsaking the rush down to Farnborough for Valhalla on the Sunday for a leisurely ‘annual’ big game in Salford): this year somewhat vainly attempting to rescue Gordon from Khartoum. It was great - I'm sure you will indulge me a picture.
OK - for more about the DBA stuff, look back at the previous file ... (link)
Meanwhile here's a few more views of what went on at Phalanx 2009. Many thanks to the Spartans ... Great Show, Helpful hosts, free parking and (proper) northern prices in the cafe ...
We all had a good time and we'll be back next year.

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