Wednesday, June 24, 2009

London (Excel) 28th March

Some Images of Salute 2009

-->Unusually, there was no stand stuff for me to take in, so I went by main line rail and DLR. No complaints. For me, it was efficient and very quick. It also meant there were no complications with having a drink after the show was closed.
This year’s game at Salute was Zama from the assured team of Philip Sabin (game - umpire) and Eric Cruttenden/Alan Waller (figure collection – player assistants). The game was very well received and drew a lot of attention – from photographers and participants alike.
It was also a very good prop for explaining the ancient wargame (and, yes, there are visitors at Salute who are not wargamers but come because it is on and they are intrigued) … The combination of a big display with figures that are easy-on-the-eye is good to get people’s attention (and Zama does have it all … Romans, Elephants, Hannibal, the plains of Africa …) … Lost Battle’s clear layout makes the game and structure easy to understand (and as the game gets played, it is possible to refer to what the players are doing when explaining how it all works).
Good to see the battle of St. Albans being represented. We featured Mike Elliot’s very useful book on the battle here after he ran a session at COW last year.
-->Salute is always a good event for participation games and there is always a lot to do. That said, the display games can be quite breathtaking too … -->
Came across these paper soldiers – the man was making them up there and then. They do look good. Not sure what I might use them for though – and no ancients yet IIRC
More good things to look at

-->. -->A good variety covered. In my time off the stand I did manage to get round most of it - and play WD's 30 minute Solferino with Richard Brooks (what a mess I made as the Emperor …).

Thanks to Julia and Alison, while I was on the stand, I was able to spend most of my day chatting to visitors about the game, advising the Carthaginians and encouraging them to roll big numbers (yes, that tactic applies to most Carthaginian commanders who end up at Zama ..)

-->Great to pack all that into one day.

Some Images of Salute 2009