Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting Back in Step

Sorry for those of you who have followed these bulletins in the past - there has been nothing up for ages.

Yes, the sheer volume of stuff to be done in the Autumn overwhelmed me ... just about got round to everywhere, but hardly had time to write about it. Actually, a lot of entries mounted up here - but as unpublished drafts (a picture missing here, the prize winner list there etc. etc.). All of these will get tidied up (and such is the mechanism of Blogger, they will fall into place behind this post in the order I started stacking them).

2009 has not got going well, with some family bereavements forcing everything else lower down the priorities list. Again, we pretty much got round everywhere and a review of the year so far will follow shortly. Then we will be back on track I hope.

The next event this year is the Birmingham Games Expo on Saturday/Sunday. Be great to see you there. We will be doing a bit of FoG, and would love you to join in.

Good things to come: ...

(Show Reports)
(Doubles Masters round up)