Saturday, November 2, 2019

DBA Special: III/65 Nikephorian Byzantine

This is a fairly generic Byzntine force configured to list 65 and with an 'on campaign' feel: soft hats, cloaks, variations in equipment.  It has a lot of skoutatoi (8Bw) archers.

The Varangian mercenaries can be used to stiffen the archers

 The general is one of 6 mounted elements elements ... 

(15mm Byzantines: figures mostly by Essex and Irregular)

The main infantry force is a phalanx of archers protected by spearmen.

(Byzantine foot: figures by Irregular, Essex, Khurasan and Museum)

The camp

To achieve the necessary shallowness but still give the impression of a tented encampment, I have only used half depth tents.  They are home-made out of card and tissue so any easy illusion to try (and which I think works quite well.

 The trees are magnetised allowing a switch between theatres.

This army pairs against Early Lombard.


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Phil said...

SUcj a spectacular army, and camp, splendid!!

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Thanks Phil and Phil ... appreciate your aupport!