Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 - when we packed a lot in ...

Well, tough times and a hard winter have wiped out a lot of January ... but as I catch up my blogging, here's my 2012 retrospective.

I added a lot of topical features during the year, but the core Society of Ancients travels comprised 19 wargames shows, 11 tournaments and 3 special events.    OK, the Society did much more than that - but the 33 featured here was where the Shows North team went.


Highs ... COW, of course ... a great day out at Eastern Front in Norwich ... the return to normal schedules at Milton Keynes and Triples featuring the SoA Northern Cup on the Saturday and the Northern Doubles League on the Sunday (with a show, too, what a feast that makes Triples) ...

Lows ... after all that snow, the utterly lousy pitch we were given at Vapnartak, EH's Festival of History getting washed out and Britcon worse than ever.   Corporate wargaming/the way big brands have been able to buy their way in.

New Year's resolutions?   Are we allowed to share?   For the Shows Team: be more selective.   It is becoming so expensive and time consuming, we must cut down the number of shows we attend.   For me?   Play mostly Doubles.