Camps and Baggage

(detail: looking through the gates at the camel train bagage element)


Mongols in the East

This is a DBA camp from my Mongol Conquest army.  I wanted something that would suggest how wide the Mongol empire would go.

The Buddha is an inexpensive resin model from The Square, the tiger is a modified fantasy one from Chariot.

Hunting in the Delta 

An Egyptian DBA camp utilising a mix of conventional 15mm figures and 2D and 3D scenery 

Dark Age Longship

This is a very useful scenic and supply piece, but also the baggage camp for my Middle Saxon army.  It is the old Revell model, very slightly modified, and on a clear plastic base.  It can sit on the baseline (having been dragged up from an off table river or estuary - or looks great on a WaterWay)

 Arab Encampment

This adaptable camp element has seen service both with my Later Pre Islamic Arab and my Arab Conquest armies.   The tent is scratch built, and the detachable Camp Follower is an Arab merchant trying to sell you a carpet.  That has been my experience of the Middle East.

Sea Peoples Ship Camp

Roman Ruins 

This is from my DBA Seljuq Turkish army and is meant to say something about the ruins of empire.  The snake charmer entertaining the crowd is from a set by Donington (New Era)

Sacred Stones (Gallic Camp)

This DBA camp vignette is from my Gallic or Galatian army.  The standing stones are actually cast in resin by The Square but pass muster after a bit of careful dry-brushing.  The model features a slide out removable Camp Follower.   There is a Middle Eastern chap preaching (who he?) because every time I looked up Galatians on the internet seeking inspiration for this army, I got St Paul preaching to the (not warriors and shield blazons!)

Darkest Africa
Tribal inspired baggage train from my DBA Meroitic Kushite army. 

Palmyran Camel Train

This is a FoG baggage element for a Roman/Palmyran army Chris and I put together for the Burton event - the army only did modestly well but the baggage won a prize! 

Camels by Essex, Irregular and Chariot.

Egyptian Boat (30mm flat Zinnfiguren) 

This a 30mm flat that was bought at the Kulmbach Zinnfigurenborse.  It looks good on rivers and the base is sized to work as a camp element for the 30mm New Kingdom Egyptians.

Libyan Riverside Camp

This is the camp from my DBA Early Libyans.  It features a detachable Museum Minatures reed canoe as a Camp Follower element.  In the detail picture, hopefully you will see how I have attempted to paint fish into the clear poycarbonate water.

Nubian Pyramid Camp

This is a simple DBA camp, based around a piece of a discarded child's toy, for my Nubians.

 Hoplite Greek Camp

This is a Greek DBA edifice camp ... in this case for my Thebans.  Quirkily, the cart itself is by Doningon, and came as part of a prize in DBA tournament.  The finished model itself won a modest prize on The Miniatures Page.

The Camp Follower figures are 15mm Chariot Miniatures, the background figures (on the citadel wall) are 10mm Steve Barber models.  Another attempt at depth and recession.

Spanish Medieval Camp 

3 elements wide, originally part of a DBM, then FoG camp, these tents belong to the Aragonese army of Pere II (homemade tents from scrap and tissue)

Sacred Enclosures 

The screening, which was originally built to go round the Pharaoh's tent, is by Two Dragons and creates a small space for special relics and an open area around a removable marker.   I have a cut down Hirst Arts Egyptian Obelisk and a generic Axumite one that are interchangeable.

As a DBA camp, it has been used both by Nobades and by Axumites.

(DBA Axumite Obelisk Camp) 

In the Axumite camp there is a scratch built ark of the covenant (of course).

Scottish Broch encampment

A DBA camp showing some Scots making camp beside a broch.

Roman Warship Camp 

This is another of those excellent and inexpensive Revell warships.  I have stacked it with barrels like you see on Trajan's column.   I think the original models are around 1/300 (1/450?) and to give a sense of depth, I have put 10mm figures on it (and a 15mm child in the water next to it) before placing the 15mm Camp Follower figures and shields on the front edge.

This is the camp for my 15mm DBA Marian Romans.

Muslim Baggage 636 AD

A simple arrangement of camels, horses and supplies around a palm tree.

This is the camp element for one of the 30mm flat Zinnfiguren Arab armies for the Yarmuk scenario.

15mm Roman Marching Camp

This DBA camp is simply a section of (Baueda) fortifications being dug by a Roman soldiers Camp Follower element.

It serves with the 15mm Early Imperial Romans

Byzantine camp

Interchangeable components for a variety of Byzantine armies ...

 Byzantine baggage 636 AD

A camp for the 30mm flats at Yarmuk: Maurikian Byzantine (30mm)

Gothic Waggon Laager 

These Asiatic waggons were by Gladiator Miniatures and are part of a bigger laager.  This section been based up appropriately for DBA and has served as a camp for my Early Lombard army
Leonardo's Warmachine Milanese Camp 


Romantic German Castle

An inexpensive Fairy Tale ornament, deployed as a castle camp by my Medieval Germans.  The Camp Followers are Landsknecht Arquebusiers.

Mt Vesuvius 'Spartacus' camp

This is a DBA camp for my Slave Revolt: Spartacus army.  Before the final battle with Crassus the slave rebels holed up in an impregnable position in the caldera of Vesuvious, accessible only by vines and ladders.  Connoisseurs of the Kubrick film will remember the scene of Jean Simmons bathing ...

10mm  Edifice and hay cart ...

Serving as a camp and detachable Camp Follower for my Later Carthaginians and Marian Roman armies.

10mm Classical Stockade Camp

Made from dowell and representing the more permanent sort of Roman Army fortified camp.  The detachable CF element is a small bolt shooter.  Part of the Zama set up, this camp sees service with my DBA 10mm Polybian Roman army

Arthurian magic circle

This snowy DBA scene is a circle of stones and flowers - and a CF element inspired by Merlin and Guinevere from the film Excalibur ... although it serves as a camp for my much more historical Sub Roman British army.

'Beached' longships Dark Age DBA camp

This camp element  has the prows of two Viking or similar longships pulled ashore in a reedy estuary (probably Eastern England) ... captives and loot are being dragged back to the base.

(DBA Viking camp: details)

It makes use of an Essex Miniatures longship and a selection of raiders and booty from the excellent Peter Pig 'Vikings' packs.

It is an award winning part of my Norse Viking.

DBA Toppled Obelisk Camp

I think the toppled obelisk came from Hovels ... it is quite a versatile Egyptian monument camp and would suit a number of later armies from the theatre ... I have added a removable Prester John CF element and use it with my Christian Nubians (although by changing the CF, it would suit other armies)

 (Toppled Obelisk and Prester John)

Italian City States: Hawkwood's Tent.

Originally a cluster of DBA elements, this is now a Supply Camp for FoG and/or FoG-R, supporting my Condottieri and Italian Wars armies.

This is a vignette based around Sir John Hawkwood's tent and features a a signing up table, ready with a contract and a bag of gold.   The tent behind actually lifts off to reveal a stash of Renaissance treasures.

(Hawkwood's tent: just sign here ... ) 

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