Tuesday, June 13, 2017

10th June, Bakewell


I guess you could say it was a piece of cake.  Given an early tart.

So, 'yes'  ... good trip up, nice day out - lovely venue, lovely pudding - Round 8 of the SoA's league was a success and very well attended.  It is great to see the league initiative spreading out and engaging more enthusiasts in the big family of wargamers.

(my DBA 3 Later Pre Islamics ... )

While other forums continue to bemoan what they see as a greying mono-culture, the DBA community just get out and play, with everyone welcome ...

Plenty of grognards, true, but actually a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds ... appealing to veterans and newcomers alike.  And it seems like everyone enjoyed it.

So, well done to Simon for organising this round, and well done to the Society of Ancients for getting this whole series of events off the ground.

The event was 'open' and I took along some early Arab Nomads.  I thought they might prove a handful for the knightly armies - but though there were some, I didn't encounter them.

Here are the battles I fought.

One little word, though ... I packed the wrong sort of swordsmen (Fast not Solid, if you know your DBA ... ) so the pictures don't look quite right.  I verbally noted this to my opponents and we played them as they should have been with no issues.  Thanks everyone (it was a packing error after the BattleDay/Arsuf outing which had borrowed from several of my Arab and Islamic boxes).

That last one was a big battle in the desert (I guess you could call it a 'dust up') ... Richard 'flat lined' me with his highly rated camel army ... generating 20 combats over just 2 turns.  That was enough to settle it in my favour.  All skills engaged!

So around half 'plausible what ifs', half time warps into Asia ... all fairly abstract stuff, all pretty good games. 

Simon had lots of prizes to give out ... all the top ten got something.  Here's a look.

Well done Tamara for a personal best, top 'non-bloke' and a break into the upper half (top ten indeed).

The 'podium' comprised ... 1st, Pete Duckworth; 2nd, Neil Mason; 3rd, Mark Skelton.

Well done to them.

Here's all of us, assembled in the car park:

I took home some authentic Bakewell puddings and very good they were, too.

The next League event is in Portsmouth in a couple of weeks.  Check the link for what's on near you - and come join in.

Our sponsors are The Society of Ancients ... thanks to them (so follow the link and join up)

And maybe have a closer look at my Arabs