Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Review of the Year


Happy New Year.  Another one bites the dust.

On the road for Shows North we did 6 Wargame shows  + Hammerhead and + Britcon (which were both shows and tournaments), 5 History /heritage events, 4 Conferences, 9 Tournaments (including the two at major shows).  In addition I posted 10 Dba specialsand reported on 5 Special days events.

I contributed 32 posts in total (up again on last year, so good news in all)




Heritage events

DBA army profiles

That means 126 games logged as of 30/12 …

The biggest single group being 51 DBA games ...

All told, I've played ... DBA, Impetus, Basic Impetus, Hail Caesar, AK47, What a Tanker, NQM, PBI, to Ur, Va t’en, Cod Wars, BaiT, T&T, Armati, AMW, ADLG, Crossfire, Fire & Fury,