Tuesday, June 30, 2020

14th March, Newark ... the one that got away ...

A casual comment on Facebook got me to flip back on posts just before the great lockdown - and indeed I did not post a report on Hammerhead and the 2020 running of the SoA's annual DBA Northern Cup.

Worse, all the work was done - pictures edited up and filed ready ... so aplogies for that.  I suspect I was ahead of the game with the photos and waiting for confirmation of the results etc. when the great curtain dropped on everything (and the posting bit didn't get done) ...

So here we are - 3 sections of pictures.  A quick dash around the show itself (we were most of the day in the - actually more comfortable - hall acros the carpark playing DBA, so it is brief as I had some shopping to do. Then my show game contribution: 54mm DBA Bosworth.  And some pictures from the Northern Cup.  

As it is a while back (and not in 'front memory') I'll get the pictures up (and then back fill some of the details as best I can) - so if you read the email version, and want a bit more detail, be sure to open up the website version in a few days as there will probably be more to read.



The 2020 Society of Ancients DBA Northern Cup

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Camps and Baggage Page

Just to announce that I am creating a new page on this blog specifically for the camps and baggage vignettes that I know a number of you particularly enjoy.

It will mostly be a gallery, but there will be links to the armies the camps come from, and occasional notes on which figures or bits were used.

The idea, of course, is to enable a little bit of themed browsing in the hope that visitors will find something inspiring.

I'm about half done ... and once I have caught up, new pieces will go up there as well as their other relevant page(s) with cross-referencing links.

You can find the page by going direct to it Ancients on the Move/Camps and Baggage ...

Or by looking across the page header and clicking on the button.

Please have a look around - please leave comments if you would like.