Friday, January 31, 2020

25th January, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan

On the move this month to South Wales and (oddly, given its 25 year history) my first visit to the Penarth show (and the DBA Welsh Open) ...

UK DBA League - the 2020 Welsh Open 

Actually, for most of this show's history, we had been in Wales just a week or so earlier for the Usk Doubles event - so, in truth, that explains my prolonged absence (the Wales road trip was always the week before!)

And a great trip it was, via the Severn road Bridge (which, it turns out, is now rebranded 'the Prince of Wales Bridge' ... best I don't comment on that *wink*)

I was able to fit in a few scurries around the show which has a few regional extras but a lot of the regular trade support.- attendance seemed to be reasonable and my breakfast from the trailer outside was very good and for less than you'd pay at most English shows.  I bought some scenic bits and bobs including a useful resin Buddha from The Square (coming to you as a DBA camp element soon!)...

Without much time to plan, I opted to take along my much-travelled Later Pre Islamic Arabs ...

Hopefully a good combination of solid Blades to hold the centre and Camels to 'quick kill' the knights assailing my flanks.  At 'aggression 3' for the Nomads, however, they would continue to travel afar - yet met with very few knights (so a bad guess on my part, then ... )

So, from the dizzy heights of winning at Tarrington, I was back just being lucky to pick up the odd element in a game.  I do recall, at my triumph, the slaves whispering in my ear something about glory being fleeting ..

Here are some game shots ...

(Later Pre Islamic Arab vs Alexandrian Macedonian - a win!)

(Arab Nomads vs Arab city folk)

The UK DBA circuit continues to attract a good mixture of players from all ages ...

(Penarth, the 2020 DBA Welsh Open) 

(Arab Nomads vs Celtiberian)

(Arab Nomads vs Late Imperial Roman: Eastern)

After 3 rounds, the pool winners went into a cup (semi and final) finish - the rest of us into a plate competition.  After easily qualifying for the plate, the Arabs barely scratched anyone's paintwork.

(Penarth - the 2020 DBA Welsh Open) 

So congratulations to Stephen, Martin, Martin and Arnaud for making it into the finals - and to Martin for a splendid win.

The DBA League resumes at Bakewell in February and then at the Northern Cup at Hammerhead.

All the best to the regulars ... to the other readers here ... why not join in this year?

Our first shows roadtrip will be to Alumwell for the West Midlands Military Show on the 8th of March.